Theme Thursday: “shoe”


Kat’s shoes: Crocs, Adidas, Pink Puffies,Golden Glads (for KK-B) (Please don’t look at my dirty floors!)

Waiting For the Other Shoe…

I’ve heard that some women go gaga

for cobbled goods– Manolos and Gucci shoes

Fendi’s and Jimmy Choos.

There’s that old joke about Imelda Marcos

that crops up when a lady collects

too many.

All these stereotypes:

Closets full of shoes and handbags–

another myth like that infamous line:

“Do I look fat in this?”

I don’t really care about shoes.

Less than 10 pair resides

in my closet–

Crocs, runners,sandals and slippers …

if the shoe fits … I’ll wear it.

What’s of much more interest to me,

are those isolated roadside runaways —

the pair of plimsoles dangling from a tree

or telephone wire, the old boot

rotting on the beach, the luxury-loafer

on the freeway verge.

How does a person lose one shoe? (It’s

inevitably a man’s, have you noticed?)

Is it tossed casually from an open car-window?

Perhaps, dapper drunk dude dangled

his foot over the edge?

Or maybe something more sinister

is afoot?

Kathleen Mortensen©2009 Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape


42 thoughts on “Theme Thursday: “shoe”

  1. Every time I see just one shoe I imagine somewhere in time…there was an accident around there…I know. Macabre!Love your twist on shoes. Personally…I have a fetish with SHOES. But then again…sigh…I'm a Pisces 😉


  2. I have often pondered those shoes. If I ever have the opportunity to teach a Creative Writing class that would be one of my assignments. How did that shoe get to the middle of the road, the telephone wire, etc. (BTW those golden sandals are amazing).


  3. I usually see sneakers dangling from the power lines; teen prank most often than not. But everwhere else, is just that one…and like Raph alludes about the socks; why does one go missing?(Ray Stevens obscure reference to that; the song “Where do my Socks Go?” )…Happy TT, Kat! Rest up 🙂


  4. Oh! I do hope you have a speedy and full recovery.I am scheduled for shoulder surgery August 13; the pain is tough, but I try not to complain because at least I can still move around. Love your blog's new look. Sorry, I have not been blogging lately. Too damn busy.PSThe single-shoe on the street mystery has always baffled me too.


  5. Funny observation Kat! My youngest son was the world's best shoe loser. OMG, my daughter still tells of the story of sitting out in the car hearing me inside yelling at her brother for losing another shoe! Everytime we got ready to go somewhere there was a big blowout trying to find a pair of shoes. I wonder if he is the one who drives around tossing out shoes. Hmmmm…maybe we should all take a couple of old shoes and toss them out the window just to make people think…..


  6. I have similar pink slippers; I even posted about them. I called them my pink feet as they look like female hobbit feet, even have long nails with pink polish.;))I tagged you with an award at my place, I hope you will accept.;))


  7. I wonder too…WHY do they not turn around and go get that shoe? Do they not need it? Can they make do with just one? Did they not like it and will simply buy a new pair?As Hubbie and I taxied down a VERY BUSY street in Northern China…Sam tossed his sandal out the window (he truly IS a rotten lil thing!) and I had the driver stop so I could pick it up RIGHT IN TRAFFIC!


  8. Betsy- I just don't know!Candie – Thank you!Isabel – It IS macabre! The very word!Sarah – Thanks! It's getting better every day. (It is rather scary, isn't it?)neetzy – That would be a great assignment. You like my gladiators, eh? I LovE them!willow – I confess, when I was much younger I did have a thing for shoes.Karen – Ha! I would never have expected that of you!Brian – Only 4? That sounds about right.Raph – I'd like to see some pics of Nexi's shoes. I always roll my socks together when I take them out of the dryer, but you're right – there always seems to be one you just can't find.Auntie – Ooh! Sorry about your shoulder. I do hope all goes the look – Thanks!steviewren – that is hilarious! I never lost shoes, but gloves? That's a whole other ball of wax.Kathleen – “glad” you caught that KK-B! You like? They are so comfy and I feel like a Roman Goddess when I wear them!Protege – Your slippers sound like fun! I'd wear those, for sure.Jill – Is Sam your husband? I would go back for the shoes too.Kat


  9. Oops! I missed a couple:Subby – I don't know that Ray Stevens song. Sounds funny!John – Thanks! It has always puzzled me. Kevin and I always call out “Shoe!” when we see one by the roadside.


  10. Thank you for your very kind comment at my blog Kat. Your shoes are all very different whereas I have five pairs of almost the same shoe!Your poem is fun – I particularly like the reference to the luxury loafer on the verge. Surely someone would miss that?!!Hope your back gets better.x


  11. One of the world's mysteries. yes it is always a man's shoe and its always just the one. Hmmmmmmm, maybe the other one has gone to the same mystery planet as those socks that go missing in the laundry.


  12. I've wondered that too, how do you lose just one shoe? At the church I used to attend there was one (man's) shoe in the lost and found forever. What, did he hop home? A great poem! Very well written. I don't care much for shoes either, though my girls do. I've never understood why my daughter needs 6 pairs of black shoes.


  13. Hello… long time no see.It's easy for me to get lost in blogland :)I'm a birkenstock shoe girl these days.I traded my heels in back in the 80's…. though on the odd occasion I'll give a heel a wishesRibbonps. love the new look.


  14. (Hey, I didn't see your name on the TT list! Was it there?)”How does a person lose one shoe?” I've often wondered. I think one falls off, or gets thrown out of a moving car… and the other one gets discarded minutes (or miles) later, after the owner decides he's not going back for the other one. So they're never in the same place.”It’s inevitably a man’s, have you noticed?”Not until you mentioned it, but it makes sense. A woman would decide to go back and get the first one! ;-)”Or maybe something more sinister is afoot?”Ooooooh, you're gonna pay for that one! 😉


  15. BOBBIE SANDLIN: Your comments box verification is not working I tried to leave you the following message: You and I are on the same wavelength! I think you would relate to my poem “Body Count” (search my blog for title). I really enjoyed this poem. I will definitely be coming back soon.Kat


  16. I love shoes and purses… But now that we live in a small apartment, I have to be a bit more careful about buying to much clutter to have around. But I still buy my shoes and purses, They are not clutter, they are necessities! hahaI have always wondered about shoes along the highways as well, and my husband is always finding towels and tea towels along the roadways. Over the years he has probably brought home 50 towels and tea towels. I suppose people are moving and their towels and tea towels are not in agreement with the move, so they make a run for it…


  17. Cottage Garden – You're most welcome! I enjoyed my visit.I think buying more than one of something you like is very smart. I have tons of identical tank tops in various colours. Thanks! (I hope so too.)subby – It may well be on YT.Deb – Zen. Yes. Ah so!Sharon – I know. So many (and so many blogs, too)! I'll correct your address.Jenx – I'm trying. I tried red, white and pink and noone was reading it, so the green is working!Lavinia – It would be interesting to visit that planet!Holly – It seems we all have been.Carol – Ha ha! Was she standing on the highway verge? He left her in the dust, I guess.Bobbie – Thank you. Glad you enjoyed the stopover. Please see message above with your name in CAPS.Jane Doe – Maybe he was taken out on a stretcher? Glad you liked the poem (I don't think it's one of my best, but it was fun to think about.)Gypsy – It's got us all thinking, that's for sure.Ribbon – Hey! How are you? I've always wanted B-stocks. I don't do heels. Took a picture of some shoes that I own but never wear (and I couldn't even post it)!BK – Well, well. Look what the cat dragged in! Ha ha. How you been? You've been watching “No Way Out” again, haven't you?Silver Fox – Oh, I'm so glad somebody caught that last line!Lala – my mind is on a perpetual journey.Fenny – Even as a youth – when I had tons of shoes (yes, I did!) I NEVER lost one!Kat


  18. Oh Kat, you're a brave woman to admit owning a pair of Crocs! Horrible things. (I have a pair to wear up to the paddock to feed the horses but don't tell anyone!). I'm a bit like you I have four or five pairs of shoes. Most of them sensible! Most of the shoes I see on the road are tradesmen's boots. Here they tend to put them upside down on the corners of their utilities so I guess they fall off occasionally! Something very lonely about an old abandoned boot in the middle of the road.


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