Show Your Hand: Here’s Mine!

Leah of “The Weather In the Streets” has challenged us to present a sample of our handwriting for the cyber-world to see. This definitely was a challenge! My right hand is aching from the exertion! It just goes to show you how comfortable we get with using our keyboards. One might say we have become incredibly lazy.

It wasn’t always this way. Growing up and going to school, I had the flat pink notebooks and the huge red pencils and then graduated to the slim, yellow HBs and on to Bic pens. Nobody ever even heard of a personal computer when I was going to school. Computers were room-sized behemoths that ate up rectangular hole-punched cards and spit them out the other end!

In university, we took pages and pages of notes, by HAND! Then, if we were lucky, we’d arduously type them up on portable Smith-Coronas, white-outing as we went and praying nobody in authority would dock us marks on our essays– otherwise, we’d have to rewrite them from the drafts, once more, by hand.

Is it any wonder that I have fallen into the lax habit of simply rattling off my words on the keypad? Part of me would like to find an old typewriter to regain some of that historic feel of the true artist, plucking merrily (or anxiously) away, churning out reams of masterworks. The other part of me is quite content in my lassitude– whipping off post after post at record speed (albeit, with Blogger’s co-operation).

So thank you Leah, for compelling me to try my hand at hand-writing again. It’s been interesting, but now I’m going to go rub some Tiger Balm in my wrist for my pains!

Here’s a sample of my handiwork (below). This meme is courtesy of The Wife of Riley. Feel free to swipe it and adapt to an artist of your choosing. I hope you’ll forgive me for some obtuse responses.



Click the picture for a larger image.


31 thoughts on “Show Your Hand: Here’s Mine!

  1. I have forgotten how to write anymore. My handwriting is atrocious. I remember not so fondly working on the IBM selectric day in and day out in my job, whiting out as I went along. I did have the eraser things that fit in the typewriter but when I would run out I'd use white out or the little erasure tab thingys.


  2. Only an hour ago, I was jotting down ideas on the back of a piece of junk mail. I was making a list of things to do next week when it will be my duty to babysit 2 of my granddaughter's while their parents go away on a 10th anniversary trip. Make rockets out of paper towel rolls, try origami, think of a simple paper mache project, cook together…you get the picture. You have nice handwriting. Mine is all over the place. It is somewhere between cursive and printing….an amalgam of loops and lines.


  3. Great fun isn't it? We must be about the same age. I remember having to earn my 'pen' license! These days, all I write is a shopping list and post it notes to get the kids into action! Come over to mine, there's a handwriting analysis tool . . see if it works for you! I think putting a line under your signature means you're pretty emphatic and outgoing as well. Fun post!


  4. I've just spent a few days with my older sister, who does not spend most of her time sitting in front of the computer. She actually writes letters. On paper. With a pen. I watched her write a note, and her handwriting was lovely. Mine may start out okay, on a good day, but it soon deteriorates, as I quickly lose patience with the process. On the other hand, a friend of mine said that I make my “a” just as Anaïs Nin did, so I guess I'm in exalted – or at least, notorious – company. ;>)


  5. I did a Kate Bush meme a couple of years ago – same idea, different questions. this is a good oneand I love seeing peoples handwritingI wonder if people will ever completely abandon pencil and paper?


  6. I like your handwriting Kat.Taking notes so fast during lectures wrecked mine, it used to be so neat and legible. Taking notes during interviews (I was a careers adviser) at meetings and on visits at work didn't help either. So now it's a total mess. Weird but I can't write slowly now. long live my laptop even though through using it I've developed dyslexia!


  7. I love your handwriting Kat. I have a had a couple of compliments on mine over the years, but now I write much too quickly and it is messy most of the time. I would be afraid to show a signature on the internet for fear of someone stealing it for whatever reason. Not very trusting in that way, I guess.My mother had beautiful perfect. I am fascinated with handwriting in general. I think it can be a beautiful form of art.Great subject for a post. Enjoyed it.


  8. As an Educational Consultant/Therapist, I am often called upon to work with those who are diagnosed as having, “graphomotor difficulties.” So much comes into play when called upon to write. By supporting the interaction of eye-hand, and the neurological signaling, handwritng improvement is facilitated. The understanding of breath awareness, posture, focus, and intent underlies the improvement program, all with a spirit of play!Thanks for the post!!


  9. I am enjoying the handwriting posts. Yours reminds me very much of my aunt's.I've fallen down on my letter-writing project of late, need to get back to it!


  10. That is an interesting request and resulting list. I love the Kate Bush answers! I write every day for different reasons-at work on post it notes and narrative observations of the children, lists, in my journal, though not often very long pieces of writing. I love writing but I do love the convenience of the computer as I ma lawyas mkaing msitakes! Have you seen those things that show that when we read we mainly look at the first and last letters so any sepllnig msitkaes in the mddile make no difference? THe film was THe Shining and you were the only person who got it!


  11. I swiped your meme and did it on my “Butterflies and Candles” blog. I enjoyed reading yours and decided to try to answer the questions also. But, I didn't write them out by longhand. I just did mine with my apple. But, I did write them in longhand before I posted them. But, I was to lazy to take a picture and upload it and so on and so on. I just decided to do it “My Way.” Climb on your Butterfly and fly on over for a visit, sometime.Ann


  12. I had to laugh at the computer description and the white-out Kat. I was a secretary in my dim and distant past, but prior to that I was a member of the “typing pool”. We had electric machines but had to white-out or “snopake” out the errors. If you lifted the document to the light you could see how many there were…embarrassment.In my exam days I can remember writing very fast for several hours and my hand almost dropping off at the end. Those were the days. I love to see handwritten things though. So much more personal.


  13. Oh, neat! Thank you so much for joining in the fun with this. It's incredible how much my hand hurt from this, too. But you've reminded me of the thousands of pages of notes taken by hand throughout high school, college, and graduate school!Because of this meme, I've gone back to doing some handwritten notes for my book.and p.s. I like the double meme here!


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