I’ve come a long way, baby!

Poetikat does not endorse smoking, but these girls “came a long way” first.
It’s my one year anniversary on July 29, for Blasts From the Past, so I thought I’d dig up some earlier posts and let you all have a peek at some of my favourites and some that have been well-received.
When I began this blog as an off-shoot of Poetikat’s Invisible Keepsakes, it was to keep my alter-ego separate from my poetry. I struggle with this in any case, since you can often find film reviews and recipes on my main blog, but this blog was started with the intention of exploring merely video clips that were mementoes of my past. I was hopeful that others would find them of interest as well.
What started out as a YouTube fest, soon became a delving into my personal history, the failures and foibles of a somewhat faulted young girl/woman in a suburb of Toronto, Ontario. This took off rather, as it appears my faults and foibles were not unique to me, but also to all of you. When I write anecdotes of my blunders and experiences, you too have similar stories to share and I look forward to every one of your comments so I can laugh along with you and we can all feel better. That’s what this lark is all about, isn’t it? Remembering the pain and knowing we conquered it all; we are triumphant and can look back and chuckle at our childhood angst.
Since the outset, I have realized I am a Generation Jones member, although I still feel a strong affinity for the Generation X set. I can be both, right?
Please have a look below. Maybe read a few (or more) and don’t forget to leave your thoughts.
I now present the Best of Blasts From the Past:
The very first post (just so you can see how much my formula has evolved):
Bugs Bunny – A Whole Lot of Bull!
The introductory post (once I had a sense of the direction I was taking):
You Are Entering a Zone…
An example of a post about a well-known television show:
By Request: Classic Catwomen
Another t.v. show memory:
The Hardy Boys- Hardy=har=har!
Getting a little more personal now:
Burnt Offerings: Why I hate sleepovers.
This one brought an old beau out of hiding!:
All By Myself: Slow dancing at parties
On the sheer humiliation front:
Roller Derby Queen? As if!
Memories of independence:
Trivial Pursuit and a Taste of Freedom
Remembering a longed-for toy:
The Easy-bake Oven Mystery
How dolls defined us:
A Doll’s House
Thanks for being part of the journey and stick around; there’s way more to tell!


17 thoughts on “I’ve come a long way, baby!

  1. Jen – I'd like you to use the Trivial Pursuit one, since it not only exemplifies the era, but has a Canadian element to it as well. Does that work for you?The Doll House one is good too though. Hmmm.I tried to get to your blog through your profile, but I can't – I'll go another route… ha ha.Kat


  2. I enjoyed the slow dance and I think I have been reading this blog for most of your year. Happy Anniversary tomorrow!! I really enjoy reading your poetry and this Blast from the Past.


  3. Conratulations, Kat–there aren't many better ways to kick off a blog than a Bugs Bunny cartoon! I know what you mean about Gen X–I'm a “boomer” (tail end) but I tend to feel more affinity with Gen X folks.


  4. Kat – What a fun time I had “rediscovering” you.As I was reading your old posts, I found out that the “Burnt Offerings” post is where my wife Becky found you, told me to read your post and I made myself a follower of yours.I've said it before, and I'll say it again, you are my favorite blogger and I love your stuff!You have a remarkable gift for writing and I look forward to reading what you have for us next!Happy anniversery!!! I'm so glad you decided to get on this crazy blogger thing and I concider myself lucky to have found you on here!Can't wait to see what this next year brings us!Matt


  5. Happy Anniversary! I had a great time reading through your posts, there's some great stuff there! I so remember watching Bugs Bunny (and Scooby Doo!)cartoons as a kid, they were so much better than that crap my kids watch now!


  6. Happy Blogaversary (or however you spell it). I stumbled upon you at the Easy Bake Oven. I enjoyed reading your older posts (esp. Catwoman)! Are you feeling better? Keep on with your wonderful posts.


  7. Thanks to everyone (old and new) for stopping in and for your good wishes! I do appreciate it.Stay tuned because I've got some new ideas cooking on the ol' back burner.Also, a big Shout Out to Matt at “My Side of the Story” (find him in the comments here and in my sidebar) for such a sweet and generous post about this occasion. Thanks so much, Matt!Over and out!Kat


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