Theme Thursday: “flight”

Backyard Brouhaha

Bully-boy blue-jays
close ranks on buff cardinal–
those feathers do fly!

Hearing the ruckus,
a hoary hare high-tails it–
out of harm’s way.

Local storer lies low
safely shielded by the shed–
shelled peanuts can wait.

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On the town in Norfolk

Tequila Nights

Snort some salt

off the wrist;

add a twist

of citrus to your eye.

Makes you cry, so

wash it down

with a shot

from the bottle

with the worm

(makes you squirm!)


Norfolk youth

are getting kicks;

try out new tricks–

so sub-lime;

it’s a laugh!

It’s not a crime,

at least NOT

in pubs in Diss.

Are you taking

the piss?*

* (colloq. “Are you kidding me?)

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Remembering the rush.

Dance Daze

That back-burning pot
has been simmering adrenaline
in your system all week.
Now the last workday

A little nap
keeps a lid on the
and stretches out
the stamina.
Get up!
Wipe your bleary-eyes
and let the water’s
RUSH cleanse
the machine.
Oil it up with
potions and lotions;
redesign to face
the night.

in black mesh and lace,then
yank your skin-boots on
and go!

Drive. Drive as fast
as you can without speeding.
(Save that for the floor.)

Lights go low;
you can see the wood’s aglow
from your ring-side seat.
Lights flash!
from the glitter-ball.

Now the adrenaline
is bubbling at the pot’s edge,
threatening to overspill.
Swill something in a tall glass
–you’re boiling over now.

A beat
repeating– the pulse
is keeping with your own.
Blood is pumping
to all parts.
It’s like sex–
you desire it.
It eats you alive!
You want to move—
sway your hips
to the seducing riffs and rythm.
Synthetic beats
repeat, repeat;
magnetic men and women
open their mouths
to call your name.

You are alone—
one with the sound
that surrounds you
on the floor.
You see yourself
in the mirrors
and you like what you see.
The men are watching…
the women are watching—
lust and envy drip from their lips
like honey from the comb.

You take it in;
it charges you—
like an electric current.

And now you’re in
another whirld,
spinning to some
shrieking siren’s song;
eyes disguised behind
the kohl;
hair, piled high–
shake it out!
shake it all out!
and spin and twirl.
Twirl, swirl
in the mad, trance-dance.
You must never stop!




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Blame it on the TFE! (Monday Music Poem)

Gypsy Wife

Even before it begins,
I know how it will go–
a smooth merlot
or two,
and you will
chase me up
those stairs again
fall upon the bed again,
to his voice – that voice
and sweet refrain:
“My Gypsy Wife”.

Was I that wild
in your eyes too?
when first we met
and love was new;
you chased me
up the stairs
back then
without the balalaika’s
Where, where
has she gone?

Pour me
another one.
Let’s see if we
can find her once again–
your gypsy wife.

Kat Mortensen©2009

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(Leonard Cohen: The Gypsy’s Wife)


You are TOO kind!

My very good friends,

This sabbatical is really positive for me. I needed the break and the freedom to fill myself up with new things. It’s also enabling me to look at things in a different light–to experience some catharsis. The other day I manually tore up some old essays from university which were mediocre or not particularly well-developed. These were holding me back! Remarks from well-meaning instructors who never realized how debilitating their words could be. Am I too sensitive? Perhaps, but I make no apologies for who I am. I merely go forward from this point.

I have decided that the work I have written thus far does not constitute enough substance to make up a book–yet. I’m going to wait and see what happens with my writing in the future. I feel that I am somewhat random in my approach and want to present a more cohesive, thematic collection. I do believe I am still finding my voice and developing who I am as a poet. I’ve really only been doing this continuously for 2 years. God willing, I will be around for much longer to provide people with a source of art and entertainment.

So, as you can tell, this time away from the demands of blogging is really beneficial and I advise anyone who is feeling a bit jaded or stale about it all to take a break. You will definitely reap the rewards and so will your readers.

I still have 16 days to go! I look forward to returning, rejuvenated and raring to go!

Thank you so much for your continued support and exceedingly generous comments.



It Ain’t Easy, but…

Hi Everyone!

I can’t tell you how hard it is NOT to blog! I get the urge all the time to put something in the editor and fire it off, BUT I’m sticking to my guns and keeping to my mantra: “Take time away and the Muse will play.” Besides, it’s only for a month.

Thank you for your loyalty and for all of your positive comments on the spider poem (see below, if you missed it).

You may see something of interest in this spot before the week is out.

My best to you all!




Photo by Kat



A sullen golden spider caught my eye

When deft, it snatched a vespoid on the screen.

I’d seen it once enfold an errant fly;

Not nearly as impressive had that been.


I waited at the sink, standing enthralled

As fast a shroud was fashioned of pale thread,

Ensuring that escape was so forestalled,

From netting round about the spun-one, spread.


And as I watched the drama on this stage,

Though happy at a hated foe’s demise,

I felt my heartstring tug, at silver gauge

That smothered wasp, which caught me by surprise.


Kathleen Mortensen©2009 
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