Remembering the rush.

Dance Daze

That back-burning pot
has been simmering adrenaline
in your system all week.
Now the last workday

A little nap
keeps a lid on the
and stretches out
the stamina.
Get up!
Wipe your bleary-eyes
and let the water’s
RUSH cleanse
the machine.
Oil it up with
potions and lotions;
redesign to face
the night.

in black mesh and lace,then
yank your skin-boots on
and go!

Drive. Drive as fast
as you can without speeding.
(Save that for the floor.)

Lights go low;
you can see the wood’s aglow
from your ring-side seat.
Lights flash!
from the glitter-ball.

Now the adrenaline
is bubbling at the pot’s edge,
threatening to overspill.
Swill something in a tall glass
–you’re boiling over now.

A beat
repeating– the pulse
is keeping with your own.
Blood is pumping
to all parts.
It’s like sex–
you desire it.
It eats you alive!
You want to move—
sway your hips
to the seducing riffs and rythm.
Synthetic beats
repeat, repeat;
magnetic men and women
open their mouths
to call your name.

You are alone—
one with the sound
that surrounds you
on the floor.
You see yourself
in the mirrors
and you like what you see.
The men are watching…
the women are watching—
lust and envy drip from their lips
like honey from the comb.

You take it in;
it charges you—
like an electric current.

And now you’re in
another whirld,
spinning to some
shrieking siren’s song;
eyes disguised behind
the kohl;
hair, piled high–
shake it out!
shake it all out!
and spin and twirl.
Twirl, swirl
in the mad, trance-dance.
You must never stop!




Kat Mortensen©2009

 Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape


22 thoughts on “Remembering the rush.

  1. Woooooooo hoooooooo, some dirty dancing! Brilliant, Kat! :))Thank you for your comment on “The Aclinic Line.” Yes, i did much research on The Aclinic Line, an original screenplay I wrote some years ago expressing environmental concerns.A tribute: “They Had The Time of Their Lives” is up, when you've got the time!I am still reeling! :))


  2. Very sensuous poem. I, too, liked the part about being in “another whirld”.Dancing used to be the way I felt freedom. It's been awhile. But last night, I let my dancin' self out on the floor. It was fun!


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