Haiku #8 – Autumn

Sciurus nut-scrimpers
Come and go across the road—
Chance games of “chicken”.

Kat Mortensen©2009

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9 thoughts on “Haiku #8 – Autumn

  1. Squirrels! Love 'em. Somehow I associate squirrels and chipmunk with my visits to Canada.Kat, why not launch a Haiku competition with an unusual subject (I dunno – warthogs maybe?) You could spend days giggling with what falls into your email box.How is the foot?


  2. This is so timely for me! Just this evening on my way home from work, I had to stop while a little one made up his mind which way to go. He held a nut larger than his head in his mouth. Fortunately for him, I travel a country road that allows me to stop for uncertain squirrels.


  3. How true! I braked for one the other day, and he braked too – in the middle of the road. Now what! If you turn and run back the way you came, that oncoming truck's gonna get you. But he was quick enough! Great haiku!


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