Fire burn and cauldron bubble…some animated treats.

A few cartoon memories from my childhood: 

Everybody’s favourite witch: “Witch Hazel”,  has Bugs Bunny for dinner.



I don’t recall ever hearing my father laugh as hard as he did at the headless horseman scene in this one.


Happy Halloween folks!


23 thoughts on “Fire burn and cauldron bubble…some animated treats.

  1. Kat–thanks! I was obsessed with Bugs as a kid & for my first years of trick-or-treating & parties, I was Bugs. Always. My mother loved to make costumes & kept hoping I'd grow out of my out of my need to be Bugs. I did but then I had my Bugs B. records…Still, I'm disappointed in those guys who made the 'toons. That last line…I wonder if I even noticed as a kid. I probably did but repressed it.Will watch the next one later.Have fun tonight.xoxoSusan


  2. I love Bugs Bunny! I remember a Daffy Duck cartoon that had us all laughing uncontrollably-where he was swinging through the trees Tarzan like and kept banging into them.Happy Halloween!


  3. My only contact with Sleepy Hollow came from sound recordings which were possibly from Disney…Otherwise, although Bugs was in English, the Flinstones and others were in Spanish.Happy Holloween. I sent an e-mail in response to your comment on my blog, too.


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