Theme Thursday: “castle”


Fairy Tale

A long, long time ago,

You, were the tall, dark and handsome Prince,

to my Fairy-Princess.

Ruling with an Irish fist,

you fed me on coconut-cakes

and cherry-almond tarts.

You dressed me in frilly finery

and shiny shoes.

We lived in the castle on the crescent

and watched the moons wane

through Palladio’s panes.

Time and again,

I incurred your ire

for my fool-hardiness.

Always, you granted

your pardon—

deluged me

with adornments

and adoration.

Many years had passed,

then Darkness cast its sleepy charm.

Pulled you down


Lethe’s deeps, to do you harm.

You lay, in sweet oblivion

under a casket of glass.

I touched you,

but your eyes would not open;

I kissed your hand,

but I could not break

the spell.

Kat Mortensen©2009 Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape

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46 thoughts on “Theme Thursday: “castle”

  1. has it really been a year? we can't break the spell of death, that is true. i feel this and know this every day. i'm so grateful that you have the courage to write about these things, kat. it helps me to see you be courageous and face the loss with such grace and poetry. and this fairytale imagery – it's so enchanting – like a forest at dusk. blessings on you. i'll be thinking of you then.


  2. A sad and moving tribute. I lost my step dad in my early twenties and have always wondered what he would have been like as I aged.I'm sorry for your loss and thanks for sharing this.


  3. Wow. My gosh, what a powerful poem you have there. Funny but after reading comment above I actualyl tookthe poem to be about one's lover who is now encased in a ahrdened shell adn is alive but unreachable. Very moving. Excellent poem, Kat.


  4. It's really sad to lose a loved one. I'm afraid to lose mine. Terribly scared. Terrified even.:(I'm sorry for your loss.We have a tradition where I come from to hold a mass a year after the death of a loved one – we call it “babang luksa” or literally translated as “end of mourning”. We pray for the soul of our dearly departed and let them rest in peace in the hands of God. I pray for your father Poetikat. 🙂


  5. I am glad I read the comments because I, too, wondered to whom this referred. This is wonderful and fitting and kind and poignant. I was lucky enough to have a father who adored me and treated me as a princess. I miss him more than I ever thought possible. Wonderful touching poem.


  6. So beautiful Kat…it is really so hard losing the ones we love. It seems we carry that spot of grief in a pocket that we can take out and put back when we need to. I'm sorry for your loss. Your poem today touched my heart. It was really sweet.Thinking of you, and hoping your heart isn't breaking too terribly, karenxxoo


  7. Ah for a moment I thought you might have been a widow like me. Very sad but a sweet rememberance. The Irish fist! My dad wasn't Irish but the fist did hit the table occasionally in loud encouragement “You've got to get your Matric!” Bless him. I miss him too.


  8. Wonderful poem, so full of love and loss. I've had to say goodbye to so many as a grow older. My dad has been gone 20 yrs, but I still think of him frequently. His wisdom still colors my days. Thanks for sharing


  9. “We lived in the castle on the crescentand watched the moons wanethrough Palladio’s panes.”That is so good Kat. “then Darkness cast its sleepy charm”Love it! Love this poem Kat.


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