Thank you.

Thank you all so much for your generous and sympathetic comments on my last two posts. You made the day so much more bearable for me and I will not forget it.




9 thoughts on “Thank you.

  1. Oh Kat, your last two posts are such a moving tribute to your Dad. I could barely read them through the tears. I have lost both my parents now; my dad passing away five years ago. I posted Dylan Thomas' 'Do not Go Gentle Into That Good Night' on his anniversary in October.You can never truly get over bereavement but the loss of a loved one becomes easier to bear with the passing years … Take care and God bless you.Jeanne x


  2. Papa died of cancer in 1983 when I was 29. I never did get over the sorrow of losing him. I went crazy at first, had an awful couple of years thinking no one would ever love me unconditionally again, and proving it. This year on his anniversary of passing, I thought of him with love as I lived through the day with my loving husband. It gets easier to bear, amen.


  3. I too was sorry about your sadness on the anniversary day of losing your father. I wasn't close with my dad so oddly enough, I rather envy your deep feelings. But – a little belatedly – I do send my condolences and congratulate you for writing so beautifully about your feelings and memories.


  4. Dear Kat,Thanks for sharing the anniversary and your feelings with us. Those of us who've lost loved ones can relate, and as I've said before, grief can allow a person to gain perspective and focus on what is important.


  5. As you probably know I have been away for a few days so didn't see your last three posts until I returned. I notice you mention in one how your father had a love of words and how he passed that on to you. He certainly did and you have ended up with a gift that I am sure will have made him very proud indeed.


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