Please bear with me.

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I’m sure some of you think I’ve gone all schizo or something with the constant changes I keep making to my background on this blog. The truth is, I have yet to find THE one that satisfies me. I’m not really a “hearts and flowers” type, nor am I all scrap-booky, or buttons and bows.
The problem is, I do want something unique, but not showy and when I find colours I like, I seem to get some flower or button thing thrown into the mix. This is the reason for my losing the most recent background that was present until this morning.

The reason I’m telling you this is because you may have to put up with a few experiments over the next few days, so please just bear with me as I come to a resolution. The good new is, I am delighted with the background for my haiku blog, “Kigo of the Kat“. (If you’ve not dropped in over there yet, I urge you to do so). Give it a try! My haiku/senryu are a little bit out of the ordinary.

I’m also pleased as punch with the background I’ve finally found for “Blasts From the Past“. It’s got the retrospective colour-scheme I’ve been searching for and accommodates my posts and sidebar very nicely. I realize I’ve been a bit slow with the Blast posts recently, but I hope to get back on track with more regular offerings soon.

That’s the lowdown. I haven’t lost my marbles—yet!



35 thoughts on “Please bear with me.

  1. You know, I really like changing my blog around a lot. It's kind of like monthly issues of a magazine. And besides, I look at it more than anyone else, and I easily tire of it.This one is my fave so far, Kat!! It's very pleasant and easy to read. I vote keep it.


  2. Hi Kat,I think it is hard finding the one you want so I understand! I have not ventured beyond what blogger has to offer. There are only two I have found I like so far but when I was looking I changed my mind constantly! Also I get bored with the sam elook after a while and like a change-hence th new headers all the time.Have a good weekend!


  3. I like this design (the cat is so funny!)and I do not mind finding a new look each time I visit.:)Or you can do like I did; create a test blog that you do not share and try the designs out there.;)Have a nice weekend and good luck,xoZuzana


  4. Love the kitty photo. (Cat lover here.) But the blog background makes me dizzy. I think it's the fact that the type scrolls and the rest stays put. This kind of makes me feel like I'm falling out of my chair. Wasn't going to say anything… but since you brought it up… ;o)Anyway, as Willow says – you are the one who sees it more than anyone else so you should be happy with it.


  5. I'm laughing. Can you hear me? If you notice a change in background on my blog, you've just had a clue that I've gotten seriously bored with the old one. Strangely, that doesn't happen on my photo-a-day blog where I have a nice old-style-film theme going. It only happens on my personal this-is-what-I-think blog. I'll stay tuned to see what develops, Kat.


  6. Love the cat, find the pink a little Mary Kay for my taste – but that's me. Also, you've got me thinking about my own blog. It is about time for a change. Something seasonal, maybe? After NaNo, I think.Ooh. Your secret word is glogyben. I like that word.


  7. What a hilarious picture! Love it! My cat tries to claw me to pieces if she hears me opening a can of olives ~ they are her absolute favorite! Who knew?And I know what you mean about the flowers and buttons. I mean, I like flowers if they look real…Anyway, it's fun to watch the changing scenery. =)And you are so cute about the mouse dress! I'll have to chat with my mom and see what we can come up with. It would be fun with different little creatures in the pocket, wouldn't it? Thanks for the encouragement!


  8. I like to keep a white background on my blog but love to see what others have chosen as their backgrounds. Love the colours and fans of Kigo of the Kat. This one is very classy.


  9. I use the ones blogger has to offer. I don't know how to download the other ones, even when I find something I like. So I just quit trying, and make up my own. LOL… That's why they are so boring. Every once in a while I get bored with my blogs and try changing them to something else for a while. I kinda like this one, but, as someone else said, you are the one who has to look at it the most, so make it something you like.


  10. LOVE the photo, and as for my opinion on changing appearances, that's why I'm a frequent thrift store shopper! Have fun trying on new looks. It'll be fun to see what ultimately makes one so creative as you happy!


  11. I like changing things to from time to time simply because I get bored with it and I feel I still didn't get it right either but I think it is fun a little playing around


  12. I like this one Kat. Hope you keep it for awhile. I enjoy changing mine also. But I always seem to lose things when I do change it.Congrats on getting published! Going now to check it out.


  13. I know exactly what you mean Kat, and I have to say you did make me laugh with your references to buttons and bows! I'm changing my header with the seasons as I think it quite apt for my blog, but its difficult getting them just right.The cat is great!Jeanne x


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