And that’s the truth … almost.

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I saw this over at Rachel’s blog, “More About the Song” and couldn’t resist testing my followers to see just how well they think they know me.
The list below contains one blatant lie. See if you can pick it out.

Good luck!

1. I love black olives.
2. I do not like camping.
3. I have an older half-sister and a younger adopted one.
4. I love to watch American Football (Go Bills!)
5. I was a radio disc jockey in university
6. I once dated a French Canadian who wore harem pants.
7. I am afraid of heights.
8. I have fished brook trout (dug worms, baited hook, caught, cleaned and cooked them).
9. I despise shopping malls.
10. I have been on the back of a fast-moving Kawaski 750.


36 thoughts on “And that’s the truth … almost.

  1. Well, Kat…I will make NO CLAIM to knowing you well but what I DO know of you tells me that you HATE shopping malls. As for the rest of it…I find any and all QUITE entertaining!!!


  2. I can see you on the back of a fast moving bike driven by the French Canadian whose harem pants flutter in the breeze. I vote for #4, though it may be #3. (I remember only one sister).


  3. I'm sure I recall somewhere on one of your Friday Feasts that you mentioned your dislike of black olives – so I'm going with black olives.By the way Kat, congratulations on your poem being published – richly deserved my friend!Jeanne x


  4. haven't revelaed which one it is yet. I have no cllue. Haven't followed you here long enough! BTW, the “He” in the “Late” story is moi, thus all I'm doing is just writing what happened. But, I have to tell you part 2 truly is the end.


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