Revamping an old favourite.

Photo by Kat

Rococo Squirrels

Rococo Squirrels are rampant

In my backyard these days,

Their pudgy arms and stocky legs

Betray their greedy ways.

Where once they lightly scampered round

From tree to tree to fence,

These days they lumber heavily

Beneath their girths immense.

Squat showdowns aren’t irregular

When squads storm my porch-floor,

To scrap and scrape for nuts and seeds

I’ve scattered out the door.

At autumn’s end, the Sumos come

To act out their burlesque.

Rococo squirrels are swirling round,

Or are they Rubenesque?

Kat Mortensen © 2007-2009


23 thoughts on “Revamping an old favourite.

  1. Cute squirrel, and I love the last line as well. Regarding the Godot reference, my chair is called that because I spent so long waiting for it to materialise, hence the reference to Beckett's character. I've also made this reference in some earlier posts. Sorry for your confusion.


  2. They are cute lil buggers aren't they? My outdoor kitty brood keeps the squirrels away from the house. I love to see them busily gathering acorns in the woods though!


  3. A magnificent rendering, Kat! And by the way, you are inadvertently paying tribute to Sumo, one of the largest squirrels on record (and who used to live in our yard). I will have to find a photo of her and send it to you, she had NO NECK!!


  4. Hi Kat,Love the new look of the blog! Your little friend there looks pretty well fed! Have you named it yet? My mom used to name them all Peanuts. She'd see one at the kitchen window and shout, “Hey look Peanuts is back.” We thought it was the same squirrel all the time as if she really had a pet squirrel. They're really cute until they start living in the rafters!As always…the poem is really cute.Hope you have a wonderful holiday.


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