The Fruits of My Labours

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How Not To Cut A Mango

A mango is not
an avocado
and the pit
is not a nut
at its core.
It is flattish,
like a sole-fish,
having curves,vulvar.
You cannot
circumnavigate it
with your knife;
the result is either
a mess
of mashed-up mango,
or a broken blade.
It is impossible
to extract
of fruit
from a poorly carved mango;
you must do it right,
or be disappointed
in the result,
and the sweet savouring
shall surely suffer
in the absence
of skill.

Kat Mortensen©2009 Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape


14 thoughts on “The Fruits of My Labours

  1. Yum! You can slice bits off, then nibble the rest of the flesh off the pit. But how to do it correctly? You've got me pondering it, now! I like the rhythm and insistence of this piece.


  2. mashed up mango meat or not…it's still delicious. Aaah brings back memories to Mumbai and Goa where the ripe mango's were splashing open on the sidewalks. Haha and phoning roomservice just to bring a knife and a plate and leave them …a big mess indeed.I don't have the skill but I do enjoy mango 🙂


  3. I love your poem, but I don't like mangoes. Every time we have been to the caribbean there are mangoes everywhere. But what I REALLY want is a big old yellow guava with a pink middle. YUMMMMM! I grew up in Florida eating those things and I really do miss them. Haven't had one in years.


  4. Mango madness runs in our family. My husband taught me the trick of slicing the wide sides from the fruit, and then dicing the result. It works every time. Funny to make a poem of a such a work of art.


  5. Haha so, so true. It's mango season here and I fancy they're breeding the pip 'flatter' so that they're easier to cut. Then there's nothing like sucking on the pip and getting that fibrous stuff in your teeth! Ah I'm hungry now.


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