“True Lies” or, “You Still Know Nothing About Me”.

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Well, it’s been a fun week since Rachel set us off with this game that she saw at Liz’s, I believe and it has just snow-balled.  Keep it going, say I. It’s kind of fun, don’t you think?

Here are the answers to my offering.  I just know you’ve been waiting with bated breath to find out which one of these is the true lie.


I love black olives.

I do! I love them on pizza, in a submarine sandwich and especially in pasta putanesca.

I do not like camping.

I don’t!  As much as I love nature, I do not love being in the wilds.  I’m a terrible camper. It’s not the lack of luxury—I can do without a hairdryer and mod cons, but I love my bed too much to sleep in a tent. And let’s not forget how terrified I am of bees.

I have an older half-sister and a younger adopted one.

I do!  I am the middle child between an older daughter that I only found out about 10 years ago.  I have an adopted sister who is six years my junior.

I was a radio disc jockey in university

I was!  In Second year of uni, I had my own radio show, “Mental Notes” where I played mainly post-punk/alternative/ska and tons of Kate Bush!

I once dated a French Canadian who wore harem pants.

I DID!!!  Sylvain Painchaud (I am NOT making this up!) came from Montreal and his fashion of choice was a pair of pants with a crotch that hung down around his knees.  (It was the 80s and he was a trend-setter.) I forgave him that for his accent and his good looks.  Giulia, you can’t relax now.

I am afraid of heights.

I am!  I don’t like balconies, mountain tops, or cliffs.  My dad made me look over the edge at the Cliffs of Moher and I nearly puked! (I was lying on my belly).

I have fished brook trout (dug worms, baited hook, caught, cleaned and cooked them).

Yes! I have.  My uncle in Nova Scotia took me on a fishing trip in the woods to get some trout for supper.  I guess I had something to prove because I did everything and I’m proud of it!

I despise shopping malls.

I do!  I’m a thrift-store, small department store shopper.  If I HAVE to go to a mall, I get in and get what I need and get the hell out!  I don’t like crowds and I don’t like standing around waiting for people with nowhere to sit.  I really hate Christmas shopping in malls the worst of all. 

I have been on the back of a fast-moving Kawaski 750.

I absolutely have—many times, in fact.  We owned it.  Now we have the Mini Cooper for fun, spree-filled rides, but those days on the back of the motorcycle were a blast!

I love to watch American Football (Go Bills!)

I DON’T!!!  It’s not so much the sport itself, it’s the racket of the crowds and the television commentators that really gets under my skin.  Unfortunately, as much as I try to like it, I just end up “zoning out” and looking off into space.

I DO like soccer (football).


Congratulations are due to Gabrielle who got it right without hesitation, and also TFE who second-guessed himself and struck on the right one!  Sorry, I have no prize to bestow upon you, other than a “Well done, you!”  Thanks for playing. 



15 thoughts on ““True Lies” or, “You Still Know Nothing About Me”.

  1. Did I say no. 9? Meant no. 4.Nope didn't get this one right but how I shall cherish the (imagined) memory of Sylvain in Hammerpants.So with you on the camping. Except the bees bit.


  2. Well,poop, Kat. I missed the original post and got here just in time to learn the answers. I'm with you on the American football thing – except that this year, in Zihuatanejo, I watched the Super Bowl for the second time (I watched it in San Carlos the year before) – and I enjoyed it both times. It was a little disturbing, actually. I'm going on the theory that I only like American football when I'm in Mexico.And…. I just saw that your poem has been published. That's wonderful news – congratulations!


  3. Fun post Kat! I didn't catch the original. But I share your hatred of malls. I have to go into one to get my new glasses. I certainly avoided it today.My dad was a dj in the early 60s. He had a jazz show. In the late 60's early 70's he was program director for a progressive rock station. I used to get free 45s. I love your French Canadian. Do you have any pictures?


  4. I got that wrong!I don't mind the shopping malls especially in winter. Nice not to have to get overheated then freeze and no dodging mad drivers either. Ours have natural light so I wouldn't feel like I was in a casino. Have to say I've never been in a casino and have no desire to.American football is even worse than rugby! Loonies!


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