The H word. A last little bit of Christmas.

winyard 012

Tossed out tannenbaum

Stripped of glory Boxing Day

Gets the old heave-ho (ho, ho).


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(This is not our tree, it’s our neighbour’s.)

For more of my off-beat haiku, please visit, Kigo of the Kat.


Black Tower strikes again.

Drained Glass


Not the best white wine

is fluxing through my veins

on an empty stomach.

My every experience

heightened to an

exhilarating pitch.

Ooh! Leftovers for dinner—


Camera is loaded with pics

as yet unloaded on my


Exciting? Yes!

I anticipate

great things

from myself in this imminent

year of ten.

(Hope I can live up

to my own expectations.)


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(*This is merely some semi-drunken babbling. Please read below for something of worth.)

One of those unbidden poems. (See TFE’s blog for source.)

Daddy Sends the Banshee

Those nights when  the wind is bashing the window screens ‘til they bone-rattle (charnel-house choppers in a glass by the bed) as I lie awake in that nowhere world of memory and tomorrow’s plans I hear her cry through the neighbouring birch and the pinnacle of pines that line the cemetery wall  it is then I recall my father’s witch-cackle of glee as he caught me offguard with a stinking practical joke (jumping out from behind the turret at that castle or masking up and knocking at the door) he snickers, yet in my soft wet ear; my head holds firm to my pillow, plastered to the plumpness of it where I find small comfort from the wail of Daddy’s banshee she comes for me, but the R-2000s hold her out she’s very cross now; her pitch is high and shrill as my pillow swallows me whole and I go to a better place where lambs frolic in the afternoon sun and blades of grass are there to be whistled.

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Coming Attractions:


I’m on a bit of a hiatus until the new year begins, but I thought I should put you all in the picture regarding my plans for this blog in 2010.  Of course, nothing is written in stone and as I am quite happy with change, things may evolve quite differently from what I lay down here.

The plan is to stick to a sort of schedule of posts, with some much needed breaks throughout the week to allow me to accomplish domestic duties and family obligations.  I am also making way for those flashes of inspiration that hit me with regularity and simply MUST be published straight away once they are written.

I am giving myself lots of time (at least it feels that way now—we’ll have to wait and see) to read.  If you check my sidebar, you can see what I’m reading and further down, you may notice what I’ve already read this past 6 months.

I do spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen (messing about with ingredients and conjuring up new dishes) and often I am compelled to snatch my trusty Canon digital and capture some shots of nature outside my window (this between chopping, spicing and stirring). These I try to turn into short, seasonal verse on Kigo of the Kat.

I cannot promise great things, but I do hope that once in a while something approaching singularity will appear on this and both of my other blogs.


Tentative Schedule For Poetikat’s Invisible Keepsakes

    • Monday  – Poetry (For TFE’s Poetry Bus/if inspired)
    • Tuesday – Visit other blogs
    • Wednesday – Movie or Book Review
    • Thursday – Theme Thursday (poem and visit participants)
    • Friday – The Return of Feast of the Week
    • Saturday – Sepia Saturday with Alan Burnett et al.
    • Sunday – Visit other blogs (if possible).


In addition, I will be writing bi-weekly for Poetikat’s Blasts From the Past to be posted on Tuesdays and Kigo of the Kat as and when I am inspired.  There may be duplicate posts from Kigo appearing on THIS blog to tempt you over there on a more regular basis.

Well, that’s it.  I hope I’ve piqued your interest at least a bit for one or more of the items on the list.  I look forward to your perceptive input on any or all things that I produce.



P.S. I’m on Facebook if any of you are interested in connecting with me there. See the badge to your right in my sidebar.