Haiku #24 – Autumn

serious moonlight 003
Photo by Kat

Nocturnal tableau
Tree-tops stringing twelfth-month moon—
Cosmic cultured pearl.

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22 thoughts on “Haiku #24 – Autumn

  1. My youngest son, now 23, asked me, when he was home for Thanksgiving last weekend, if I remembered reading him a book called “Grandfather Twilight”. It's a story about a kind and gentle grandfatherly man, who every evening takes a pearl from an endless strand, kept in his trunk, and lifts it to the sky.It brought tears to my eyes that he even remembered.


  2. Willow – Reading to children is so vital, isn't it? I still remember my Grandmother reading to me.I've never heard of that book, but it sounds like one I would love!I can understand why his remembering touched you so much.


  3. Kat, I thank you for your haiku and senryu distinctions. Granted you quoted Wikipedia but other sources also keep the distinction. We could also have the tanka which is a haiku followed by two more lines of seven syllables. I write all three, most are senryu due to my (distorted??) sense of humor.At any rate today on the I-net most so called haiku are really senryu…Thanks for the heads up on my blog [I do wish you would do an OSI for this week]. I will put you on my list when I FINALLY do update it.But please return because I don't want you on my 'invisible' bone list. You have to highlight them to see who they are. Too, they are all on my Jim's Little Blog. BUT THEY ARE THERE!..


  4. Goofball – Thanks for the links. I'll check them out. Glad you liked the “cosmic” element.Jim – But did you like the poem?I have written a few tanka, but prefer the simplicity of the 5-7-5 format. I wanted something brief to headline each piece, more as a way of eliminating the entire poem from people's dashboards. No one would bother to stop in if they can read it beforehand.I'll check out the OSI for this week and see what comes to mind. Thanks for visiting!Thanks, Gramma Ann. I'm pleased you enjoyed them both. I LOVE the picture and was so pleased when I captured it!


  5. Great photo, coincidentally I have posted about the moon too, just as many others.;) I wish our calendar month evolved around the lunar cycles instead, giving us 13 month years.;)xo


  6. That is a beauty – love the pearl metaphor! And this full moon has been especially wonderful around here, just the right colors and clouds around it, just like a pearl in the perfect setting. (p.s. I'm posting about it on Skywatch tomorrow if you can stop by)


  7. Thanks Carolyn! I just got very lucky with the photo. I had actually been at the grocery store when I first saw it and tried to take a photo with my phone, but the battery died! I told my husband to remind me when we got home to go out with the proper camera and get a shot. Of course, I had my slippers on when he reminded me, but I did go out and I did get a few really atmostpheric photos, but this was the one that stood out.


  8. Thanks for popping in Patty and thanks for the compliment on the photo. Coming from an expert such as yourself, that means a great deal.I AM a cat-lover and we have four of them: Gilbert, Blanche, Daisy and Red. Life would be very different without them.Oh, and thanks as well for signing up to follow me. Please check out my main blog, “Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes” if you get the chance.Kat


  9. Kat, I just came back from spending a couple of days in Washington with Angel May. The first night, we looked out the front window to see that all the shrubs – and the house itself – were casting long shadows. I went to a rear window and, sure enough, a full moon was sitting right on the hill behind the house, or so it seemed. It was very lovely, as is your poem.I've got a little ornament for your blog. It's sitting at The Turtle, waiting for you.


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