Theme Thursday: “snow”






That Christmas—

after the party,

we were tipsy,

weren’t we?

And it was just


to resist

flinging ourselves

(all down-puffed)


into that battlement.

Sinking in—

the mind-numbing cold

rousing our minds, numbed—

just enough

to orchestrate

our arms—our legs

into seraphs

of snow.

Kat Mortensen©2009 
Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape


35 thoughts on “Theme Thursday: “snow”

  1. This was a lovely poem…I can imagine you doing snow angels…Growing up in the tropics meant no snow for me, although I've seen and been in it for very short periods since.How is your cat?


  2. “Seraphs of snow”!!!!!!What a zinger of an ending line!You hit the bulls-eye with this. I saw it all happening in front of me and it was a wonderful trip.Off and running around this morning with too much to humanly do and instead I am visiting your blog, having a great time.Cheers! Chris


  3. Kat, that is a marvelous poem – and a great photo too. Thanks so much for the award the other day, I will take it up and post my seven things just as soon as I clear my backlog. Happy TT to you.


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