The H word. A last little bit of Christmas.

winyard 012

Tossed out tannenbaum

Stripped of glory Boxing Day

Gets the old heave-ho (ho, ho).


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(This is not our tree, it’s our neighbour’s.)

For more of my off-beat haiku, please visit, Kigo of the Kat.


19 thoughts on “The H word. A last little bit of Christmas.

  1. gosh, from mid november up to mid december I didn't understand all the blogs from the anglo-saxon world talking already about such a premature Christmas.Yet now I can't understand that it's already over, that christmas trees are tossed out even before the vacation is over, before New Year???Here in Belgium trees remain until epiphany (jan 6). Yet we don't put it up before Dec 6 or much laterfunny that all our traditions seem so natural to ourselves and that we frown when we see it differently.


  2. I noticed you've Martha Grimes on your read list…I sent the sequel to that one to Megan…I think…I've a few other Jury novels if you need them. And still waiting for something new…


  3. Well, my blog roll starts anew tomorrow. I'd be honored if you participate again in 2010. Leave a comment and you're on the blog roll! Thanks for visiting and commenting in 2009.


  4. My tree was tossed on Christmas Saturday. Normally we'd keep it up, but I was terribly allergic to it. I've made this mistake before. There is a tree that looks similar to a Douglas fir called a concolor. It smells like citrus and makes me very sick. I used to feed the old trees to our neighbor's goats. She gave away her goats, so now I give the tree to the birds.


  5. Aw poor tree, hate to see that. Well, out with the old and in with the new, eh? Happy happy new year to your KAt. Wishing you all the best. It's so nice to know you here in blogland. Thank you.


  6. To the brilliant poet, Kat! I heard this story and thought of you. I hope you'll try to publish in book form some of your brilliant work in 2010. THis is a link to the Diane Rehm Show that featured Billy Collins. They discuss the rising popularity of poetry!! It's making a comeback. =) You really are so very talented. I hope you find inspiration in this piece like I did. Not that I'm a poet, but my father was…


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