A Good Solution?


Photo by Kat


 Neti Or Not?


I’m nosing out a neti pot,

Of late, my nostrils fill with sn–!,

My sinuses are sore and stuffed;

If I can clear them, I’ll be chuffed.


I’m boiling up some water, hot;

I’ll cool it first—a fool I’m not!

My sinuses will welcome it—

If I can make the blue spout fit.


I’m pouring in the stuff I’ve got;

In truth, I think it tommyrot!

My sinuses will be set free;

If not, I’ll fill it up with tea!


Kat Mortensen©2010 
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Sepia Saturday #8 – Portrait from a Wedding in Dublin



















My Granny, Mary Ann Poland

on her wedding day, Dublin (1916)

(My source of information, a.k.a. my mom, now tells me this photo is actually my dad’s Mother and not my dad’s Grandmother as I had previously indicated.  We’ll get this straight yet!)


Kindred Spirit


Who was this woman?

We’ve never met,

yet her blood

floods through my veins.

She passed down to me,

my character—

in part.


Was it the easy ire,

or perhaps, the way I can laugh,

heartily, like a man?

Could it be the furrow

in my brow,

or the cowlick

in my hair?


Maybe it’s the keen eye

for the scene

around me,

or even my love

of a favourite

dress, or a fancy hat.


She was fond of flowers,

that’s clear,

and it looks like lilacs

were dear to her

(me as well).


Did she also

love the smell of  coffee?

Could she quaff

a pint with the

best of them?


Her hands— they’re not

like mine; mine are

slender and soft.

Hers must have been rough

and worn from tough


and her face is far

too full,


but I have that forehead,

that nose, those lips!

I’ll look you straight

in the eye,

the way she does.


How did she end her day?

I wonder.


Did she climb into

a cold bed,

wearing socks

and gown and cap—

pull the covers up

and shiver, “Brrrr!”?


Did she kneel down and

to her saviour pray?

Kiss her man goodnight?

We’re not so different

if she did.


I wish I knew

for sure.


Kat Mortensen©2010 
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*Please note: My mother is the source from which I am verifying information on the ancestors revealed in these photographs.  She frequently calls or e-mails  to correct some information she has imparted.  I am at the mercy of her memory and any scraps of paper with notations she may find.

Sepia Saturday is ordinarily coordinated by my very good friend, Alan Burnett of the News From Nowhere blog.  As he is on a well-deserved cruise-vacation with his lady-wife, I am pleased to assist him by posting all participants of this feature for the next few weeks.  Please advise me in a comment if you wish to be included in the links’ list below.  Thank you.

 ACADIANEIRE’S HERITAGE (my own newly-created blog devoted to my ancestry)



LARRY’S PHOTO A DAY (Larry Burgus)












JUNK THIEF (Ladron de Basura)

Get Over to Eej’s Place!

We’re on a loo-break at a roadside cafe, but this is my car, at least for the next few hours.

I’m with my trusty friend, Jeeves and we’re in Ireland, of all places. I haven’t been to the Old Country since 1994 for my honeymoon!

We had to leave poor Bertie behind as he’s somehow contracted the mumps (must be all those late nights and too many cocktails). So, it’s just myself and Jeeves tooling along on the backroads of Ireland. We’re in the Wicklow Hills (which comes from the Old Norse, Vikingalag or Wykynlo. It was the Vikings who first lived in Ireland, did you know?)

Anyway, you might be wondering what we’re here for in the first place. Well, I’ll tell you: The Great TFE, Totalfeckineejit is hosting a grand party in honour of the magnificent Irish poet, Nuala ni Chonchuir (first thing I’m going to do is ask her how to pronounce her name).
Nuala has recently released a new book of poetry entitled, “Portrait of the Artist with a Red Car.” She’s a great poet and a nice lady too and Eej (a grand poet in his own right) is pleased to be throwing this big shindig for her.

(Jeeves has finished his ablutions and it seems we’re off. This time, I’M driving, so look out!)

Check out the party at my good friend, Totalfeckineejit’s; it’s bound to be a hoot and a half!

See you there!


Driving out to Nooly’s Hooley at Eejit’s

Come on out to the Eejit’s place on Friday for a big do in honour of Nuala ni Chonchuir’s newly released book of poetry, Portrait of the Artist with a Red Car.

I’ll be there with Jeeves and Bertie and we’ll be tooling around in a red (of course) Porsche 9-11. (Jeremy Clarkson would approve.)

New Red Car

How lovely you were,

all shiny and new

and cherry red,

but you weren’t mine.

If it hadn’t been for that

vodka and seven

at O’Toole’s,

you would have stayed

so pristine—

so clean,

and unscarred,


everyone knows

that drink and drive

don’t mix,


when you’re backing

a two-ton Chevy

out of a teeny

parking spot.


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