Monday Poem #2 (Not for meat-eaters)


Photo by Kat

(This is not a GREAT poem, but out of each effort, great or not so, comes a trace of possibility of something better. That’s my philosophy and I’m sticking to it!)


Poor Cow: A Love Poem

I could lose myself

in those benign brown eyes—

feel your firm flank

and run my fingers

through the soft hairs

in your hoary ears.


I stand at the roadside

and watch your placid  patrol

through the pastures

of your world.


I try to comprehend

your sadness

when they take

your children away

and hutch them up—

to turn them into

milk-fed veal.

Oh! The anguish

of the segregation—

the torment

as they tear the babe from

your teats.


And oh! The suffering

to come, when you

are sick and old

and fit only for

some low-grade

ground beef

at a burger- joint.


My lovely one,

how I weep for you

as they cart you off

in the cold, steel car—

your plaintive


as if you know

the time has come.


I could lose myself

in your sad, brown eyes,

but I can’t look at you.


Kat Mortensen©2010 
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13 thoughts on “Monday Poem #2 (Not for meat-eaters)

  1. Hi Dan, I do eat chicken and fish, but even those I eat rarely. I don't eat any read meats or pork (except once a year we concede because of the Danish tradition of eating pork at Christmas).


  2. That is so sad Kat! It makes me feel very suitably guilty I have to say-though I don't eat veal. Thanks for your comment on my owl-they are not on Etsy but you never know! I don't seem to put anything in there at the moment.


  3. Hmm . . used to work on a dairy farm and the noise of separated mothers was pretty awful but then they forgot after a day . .not the sharpest tools in the shed. We probably shouldn't be eating it for environmental reasons either, all ruminants burp methane! (contrary to the popular opinion that most of it comes from the other end.)I don't know if you get Jaime Oliver over there but hes doing a fab series at the moment about food processing including meat and pushing the RSPCA fair treatment program. Buy organic beef and you can be sure it comes from happy cows. Well they were, but you know what I mean.


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