Get Over to Eej’s Place!

We’re on a loo-break at a roadside cafe, but this is my car, at least for the next few hours.

I’m with my trusty friend, Jeeves and we’re in Ireland, of all places. I haven’t been to the Old Country since 1994 for my honeymoon!

We had to leave poor Bertie behind as he’s somehow contracted the mumps (must be all those late nights and too many cocktails). So, it’s just myself and Jeeves tooling along on the backroads of Ireland. We’re in the Wicklow Hills (which comes from the Old Norse, Vikingalag or Wykynlo. It was the Vikings who first lived in Ireland, did you know?)

Anyway, you might be wondering what we’re here for in the first place. Well, I’ll tell you: The Great TFE, Totalfeckineejit is hosting a grand party in honour of the magnificent Irish poet, Nuala ni Chonchuir (first thing I’m going to do is ask her how to pronounce her name).
Nuala has recently released a new book of poetry entitled, “Portrait of the Artist with a Red Car.” She’s a great poet and a nice lady too and Eej (a grand poet in his own right) is pleased to be throwing this big shindig for her.

(Jeeves has finished his ablutions and it seems we’re off. This time, I’M driving, so look out!)

Check out the party at my good friend, Totalfeckineejit’s; it’s bound to be a hoot and a half!

See you there!



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