A bit of advice: Monday Poem 4b (see below for 4a)

For Ladies: How to Dress For Your Father’s Funeral

Somewhere in your mind,

you will find the strength to do it—

dig deep and seek the way

to present yourself

on this, of all days.


Black is best.

Leave the rest of the spectrum

for another time

and place.


Greys and navy blue

are okay,

but not together—

monochromes are expected.


If it’s winter,

Don’t neglect to wear

a great coat—fake fur

will do, but a nice dark wool

is fine too.


A skirt—mid-calf—

not too short or slutty;

your upper half

should be quiet and calm,

not fussy.


Cosmetics should be

nearly there;

take care no primary

colours are used.


Your hair should be swept back,

yet not severe;

never fear the stray strand

that gives you some humanity.


Best shun the perfume—

steer clear of “Poison” and “Obsession”.

A dab of L’Air du Temps

is acceptable if you must.


Shoes: stilletto heels are not

permitted (see “slutty” above).

Besides, if you have a pulpit to get to,

you want stability.


Likely, when all is through,

and you’re alone in your room,

you’ll shed your death-clothes

and the gloom

—want to bury them

at the back of a closet,

or burn them, or pass them on

to someone else.


Keep something,

for you will need it

another day.

Kat Mortensen©2010 
Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape


14 thoughts on “A bit of advice: Monday Poem 4b (see below for 4a)

  1. Hi KatVery poignant! Happy poem next time?By the way, I am in awe of how many UK TV programmes you have seen! Build New Life in the Country?? I haven't even seen that myself – it's always on when I'm in work! Have you seen Grand Designs?Dan-x-PS. Can we have a cake recipe this week???


  2. Dan – Oh yes! Definitely! A cake recipe is a very good idea.By the way, there's a happy poem two posts down. Well, happy-ish. I like happy too!KatP.S. Yes. We've seen Grand Designs and even have a book by the original host (McCloud, is it?)


  3. Hey since cake is my number one in the food groups of good things to eat, I would like to see a cake recipe. Men have to dress the same, coat and pants, matching preferred. Black is best and don't try to mix it with navy blue. No bright red or blue shirts for a funeral, just white and shiny black shoes would be good too. I enjoyed your creative writing. You are so good.


  4. I liked the movement in this – it pressed me to read on.A quietly powerful piece this time, and I love the simplicity and truth of the final three lines.Incidentally, don't think I followed many of the rules at my father's funeral – maroon suit (admittedly the skirt was mid-calf) with black velvet collar, and a black hat. I never attend a funeral without wearing a hat. I think that may be a Palmer thing.I'm with Dan. Cake please!


  5. So true. I made the mistake of wearing a relatively new dress to my husband's funeral …hit the bin as soon as I got home .. well the clothing bin, I guess someone else is wearing it these days. Silly thing isn't it.


  6. Kat,This is so very cool perspective,My dad is alive,but i am entertained to read your poems about options of what to wear…way to go,joy to the world, 😉


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