Monday Poem #4: Dominic’s Challenge

Dominic Rivron issued a challenge to listen to the piece of music here and compose something in response.  Here’s what happened:


The Gallows

And here comes the hangman


He’s carrying a long


One end drags along the


Trailing, down the hollow


He comes.

I cannot see his face—

Masked as he is,

His piercing eyes shine

icy light

In my direction,

And the rope


And his eyes


And mine,

They shut,



Kat Mortensen©2010 
Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape


10 thoughts on “Monday Poem #4: Dominic’s Challenge

  1. Whoa! Powerful or what?The building of tension is beautiful and terrifying, love these lines;One end drags along the ground,Trailing, down the hollowalley,which are echoed in the “rope dangles” – in fact, I liked all the focus on the rope.Amazing – such variety from the same piece of music, and yet… there is a desolation in it everyone (thus far) seems to have heard.


  2. A difficult piece of music to write to but I love the tolling bells in the background. The sense of doom and sheer terror gives way to something altogether different.Great job Kat and an excellent piece of music!Jeanne x


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