OSI: “blowing the curve”

The Curve

Some folks think it’s all about the grade;

it’s worse than that.

When you cross that median—

going full-tilt,

you can’t help but recognize,

you’re in God’s hands now.

What’s it all for, anyway?

A few points?

The score?

Seems like you’re always going to be

stuck at the side of the road

with nothing, but

a pair of crossed sticks

and a bunch of dead flowers.

Kat Mortensen©2010 Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape


18 thoughts on “OSI: “blowing the curve”

  1. Those sticks are becoming more of a shrine than the memorial stone. I am sure it is a family's way of grieving as well as a social statement if it was an unfair taking of a life because someone was stupid.


  2. Willow – I have the same fear, exactly, although how YOU could feel that way with your legion of followers is beyond me (I mean that in the nicest way-not in an envious manner).We are, each of us building a legacy. It may not be of tremendous significance right now, but I believe one day it will mean something to more than just a handful of people.And if it doesn't, as long as even one person has been touched, I will be content. Won't you?


  3. Yahoo on sticking with the new header – it's fabulous. I am drawn by the monk, for some reason.Really liked the writing, very fine ending. Truly thought-provoking, this one “What's it all for, anyway?”.


  4. Kat, I really love the new look here. The header is fabulous! I see this as a comment on those, especially the young, who think they're invincible. Unfortunately for so many, they do end up as memorials. What a sad waste.


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