Theme Thursday: RED (and Stanley Kubrick)

Seeing Red


It was always RED, for you.

Red, rolling out on 

hallways of marble.

Red, flashing

on moire and mouth.


Red was there,

in black and white,

on the battlefield—

gushing red.

Through the grains

of celluloid—

never devoid

of red.


and Lyndon lips

and oddities in space—

all filled with red.

Even “Orange” had streams

of red.

Red sweaters and red rugs 

and red rum!

Red flags and red drapes,

red robes and red rooms—

red badges of courage.

Red wine and red rims,

red walls and red coats,

red cars on crowded red-lit roads.

Red letters and red lovers.

Red on red on RED!


It was your rubricke,



Kat Mortensen©2010 
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33 thoughts on “Theme Thursday: RED (and Stanley Kubrick)

  1. RED…my favorite…love the red lips, red wine and red cars…Kat! LOVE the header collage! WONDERFUL. The cottage…is that yours? It is so beautifully charming!


  2. I hadn't realized there was so much red in Kubrick's films. I'll have to tune into red next time I watch!I do enjoy David Lean's neutral palette with bits of red in both Lawrence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago.


  3. Oh, scary! In fact, that clip was the most scary scene of the whole movie, I think.Have you ever seen “Don't Look Now” with Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland? Red is very much a colour through out the film. One of the most haunting psychological thrillers I have ever seen. Still send chills down mine spine today…xoZuzana


  4. How do you notice these things…??And where do you get the idea for a theme like this, linking films and colour – it's very original. I wonder if Stanley himself has noticed the connection?A great poem Kat!Going off on a bit of a tangent – have you got, or used, the cookbook 'Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook' – I really need to find some different (and healthy!) things to make and this one has a good write-up on Amazon. They haven't got it in my local library, to it's an Amazon or Book Depository job. Have you come across it?Dan-x-


  5. Hi Dan! Theme Thursday is an organized meme with a weekly topic, so I can't take credit for that. This week's word was “RED”.I have noticed these red things in many of Kubrick's films and my husband and I have talked about them. I'm not a huge SK fan, but I do admire some of his movies and have always enjoyed, “The Shining”.I believe the use of red was very deliberate on Kubrick's part. He passed away a few years ago, shortly after the making of “Eyes Wide Shut” with Cruise and Kidman.Cake is coming tomorrow, by the way!Kat


  6. Ooops, I should have used 'had' rather than 'has'. Can you tell I don't know much about themes or Stanley Kubrick??The Shining scared the living daylights out of me! Not as much as Candyman though (no artful directing in that one!). I should go and buy a cake tin tomorrow then. I checked on mine earlier and it's very rusty! Hasn't seen the light of day for many years! Looking forward to having a go at making yours at the weekend!Dan-x-


  7. Baino – Yup. Lyndon rather plodded, didn't it? Stunning to look at though.Re: Thackeray I was supposed to read, 'Vanity Fair” in uni, but erm, never did really. Ten pages maybe.Kat


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