Magpie Tales: The Pewter Angle



The Hollow-ware Men


The Hollow-ware Men were employed

in Worshipful Company

Oh yes! They moulded slowly

in a melting pot, where tin would not

crack and antimony made malleable

the metal under the hammer’s beat.

Rippled men in roaring heat

stretched and shaped liquid ore.

Their aprons black—

sweat on their foreheads,

red-faced men delivered  their rotund,

fire-wrought progeny.


The Hollow-ware Men—not alloyed

with the Triflers and the Sad.

Oh no!  For they cast  in bismuth

and copper, their vessels

to be filled with cream, churned

by country, rose-lipped youth.

Men of valour in velvet

and ladies in satin and silk

clouded tea with cream and milk

in the jugs of the Hollow-ware Men.


Kat Mortensen©2010 
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17 thoughts on “Magpie Tales: The Pewter Angle

  1. Hallowware Men. It's has such a nice vintage sound. Wonderful word picture here with the hammers and heat and sweat. And you wrote this with a headache? Gosh, you're good.I removed your name earlier, so I'll replace it right now…


  2. This was lovely…my favorite line…”churned by country, rose-lipped youth.”I think I am in the mood for a cup of tea with milk now!Glad your headache is not getting the best of your creativity!


  3. There's a lovely balance to this with the Oh yes, oh no juxtaposition.When doing my family history, I always wondered about the phrase “Worshipful Company” and whether they really were as pious as the title suggests!


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