Theme Thursday: “green”

polar bear
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Before you read this piece below, pop over to my good friend, Eberle Umbach’s (along with the Big Bed Land Gang)  blog at Platypuss-in-Boots where you’ll find that Polar Knight (the Polar Bear) has written about Yours Truly (*blushing*) and if you scroll down to yesterday’s post on the same page, you can read about not only my poems, but also the wonderful work of Christina Rosetti, Stevie Smith and even Beatrix Potter.  Well worth your time, I must say.


Most of us have dozens— give or take;
We try to keep them polished and pristine.
Generally, they’re real, tho’ some are fake;
And often stuff gets in between that’s green.

Some trick them out with silver, some with gold;
We use them every day, time and again.
Most can take the heat, but not the cold;
The saying goes, “They’re rarest on the hen”.

We all start out with none while still a tot,
Then lose them each in turn and cash them in,
Then gain a few with time in every spot;
They all come back again, so it’s win-win.

And when we die, they’ll be here in days hence,
In case of murder, giving evidence.

Kat Mortensen©2010  Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape

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