“shadowstalking” – no compromise in Missouri!

My good blog-friend, Brenda of Missouri, received her book a while back and from the looks of things, she’s caught up in it. I sure hope I’m not keeping her from cooking dinner for her husband or her grandchildren. Maybe she’ll read them a few of the more funny poems as after-dinner entertainment.
Brenda has a couple of blogs, but the one I know her from best is simply titled, “Days of My Life” and it is a heart-felt, easy-going, down-to-earth blog that can be appreciated by almost anyone (so check her out).

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“shadowstalking” in Bonnie Scotland!

Poet, environmentalist and spiritualist, Elizabeth Rimmer of Stirling, Scotland, has received her gift-copy of the book for her part in helping me to come up with a title. It was she who suggested I make a list of words that appear in my poems and use the top two to create the title.
I only used part of this suggestion, as the word shadow was a regular, but “stalking” or “talking” (depending on how you read it) was my own notion.
In any case, it was her comment that resulted in the direction I took and I thank her for that.
Please take some time to visit Elizabeth’s blog, Luchair and her website, “Burned Thumb“. She is a lovely lady with a very sharp mind and a generous nature.
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“shadowstalking” in London Town! (with a very special friend)

Here’s good friend, Sarah Wallis. Yes, she’s the wonderful artist who provided the stuffed-fabric birds and took the photo that became the image for the “shadowstalking” cover. What a talent she is! You really must visit her blog, Circles of Rain and peruse the archives for her incredible work with dolls, media and basically anything that strikes her fancy (and there is much of that)!

Sarah has an Etsy shop, “picturebox” where you can buy her fantastic creations and I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with her imagination and the ability to translate it into tangible art. Everytime I visit her, she’s got something new that she’s working on and all the while, she spends her work days teaching little tots (who are very fortunate indeed – in fact, their parents should be incredibly grateful that the minds of their young ones have come under the direction of such a kind, yet supremely skilled teacher). I only wish I’d had someone like Sarah to guide me in my early years; perhaps I would have taken a gamble on poetry long before this!

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“shadowstalking” in the “city that never sleeps”!

The lovely, Leah Schanzer-Namour of New York City, she, of the articulate and enjoyable blog,
The Weather in the Streets, reads “shadowstalking” while in the car. (Let’s hope she’s not driving!)
Apparently, her entire family is enjoying the book and that makes me very happy.
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P.S. I’ll be doing an interview on Leah’s blog very soon. Stay tuned for details.

More oil disasters: a reflection




Miles and miles

of mire-mucked pipe-

lines, of  barnacled

bends of steel,

twisting beneath

the frothy freedom

of the bounding main-

lines of imminent

disaster, masterfully

laid below, the flow—

of black gold, rushing

through thousands

of wrought tubes-

keeping barons

in Armani

fuming on Fuentes

and stamping out the stubs

with their Testonis,

while the treacle they

barrel and barter

wreaks silent havoc

on the unsuspecting.

Kat Mortensen©2010 Protected by Copyscape DMCA Takedown Notice Checker

“shadowstalking” gets “toested” in California wine country

Dianne Gross-Giese of the exceptional poetry blog, “Rythm of the Light” has my book by the toes in a vineyard in California. Who’d have ever thought that “shadowstalking” would make it all the way to the Pacific Coast? Well it has!
Visit Dianne’s blog to experience her extraordinary affinity for the natural world and the soul of mankind.
Thanks for reading!
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