What’s Cooking?

Hello Friends!

In case you have been wondering what has become of me, I feel I should tell you that my muse has been of a different sort lately.  She no longer has me up in the wee hours working on lines of poems, but she is in my head every night before I go to bed, dreaming up things to bake and cook!

I’m sure you all must have at the very least, a small interest in food, so I invite you to visit my new and thriving blog, Dig in, Flynn!

Poetry is on hold for the time being, but my creative juices are working to combine flavours and conjure some tasty dishes and treats.

Here’s a sample of one of my most popular posts:

Choice Chocolate Chippers – The BEST cookies I’ve ever made! 

Click THIS LINK  to find any one of a number of fast, delicious and easy recipes.

P.S. When my MUSE decides it’s time for poetry once more, I’ll be back here with bells on!