A milestone, and an exciting discovery.

Hello again! I’m back from my self-imposed hiatus and ever-hopeful that I can keep this blog going with interesting observations, and creative expressions.

I notice from my Blogger statistics, that I am only 4 visitors away from reaching the 65,000 mark!

Who would have thought, back in June 2007, that this venture would have seen so many incarnations, produced a book of poetry, spawned 4 or 5 (or 6!) other blogs and cultivated so many friendships?

I pinch myself when I think of it.

I’m here today though, to tell you (perhaps you already know these things, but don’t tell me or it will dampen my enthusiasm) about the wonderful discovery I made yesterday.

I’ve been a bit stressed lately with family issues, visitors and so forth and was feeling a bit blue yesterday  because I couldn’t in all good conscience do any baking.  (I still had leftover cinnamon rolls, blueberry bundt cake and half a loaf of home-made soda bread in the house.)

Around about 3:00 p.m., I decided to pull a mystery by one of my favourite authors off of my book-shelf, knowing that I could easily slip into it and lose myself before too many pages had been turned.

I curled up on my bed with the book – a hardcover edition of “Bad Boy” by Peter Robinson, and dove in.

You need to know, at this point, that I recently forwent (is that a word, I wonder?) my bifocals (blasted things they are!) in favour of new strictly distance-glasses and they must be pulled down a bit on my nose if I want to read, so I was wearing the bifocals when I began the book.  Yes, very interesting, I know (Yawn), but I’ll get to the good stuff soon.

I spend loads of time on the iPad that my mother gave me for Christmas, and am particularly fond of its size and portability.  I was pondering this fact as I gripped the rather cumbersome hardcover book, and lifted it (or stretched) up and down to adjust to my vision.  So much so, was I pondering it, that I had a “Eureka!” moment where I thought to myself, Well, wasn’t it not long ago that I was attempting to read, “Anna Karenina”—rather unsuccessfully, I must admit because I was far too preoccupied for the demands of such a tome—on my iPad?  Now I know that the Classics are readily available through the Goodreads app for devices, but you can’t get the more popular fiction (for free) that I was indeed craving at this moment.  It was then that I thought of my local library service.  I know you can download popular books to an e-reader, the question was, could you read them directly in your browser?

Well, guess what? You can!

I was palpably excited as I entered my account number and password for the library and then was directed to the “Overdrive Read” service.

In only seconds, I had located the publisher’s list, and the online version of the book I had been contending with in my hands.

Not only that, but the service works just like an e-reader and allows you to change and adjust the font, set up bookmarks, scroll through the pages and more!

This is HUGE!

We have recently been being delighted with the films of Margaret Rutherford in the title role of Miss Marple that have been shown on Turner Classic Movies.  I was remarking to Kevin just how many of those Christie books I had read when I was young, and bemoaning the fact that I had not been reading much at all lately.
I think that is about to change!

I recommend, if you have an iPad (iPod works too, but of course the screen is smaller) that you explore your  local library’s system to see if they have something similar available to you.

I also highly recommend the charming and captivating Margaret Rutherford films.  We are positively enrapt by them!