Non-Fiction (a catharsis)

Would like to be so clever—
put it all on the page in some obscure manner
that would make you go,
“Oh, isn’t this deep, and beautiful
and worthy of acclaim?”

The bottom line is this is not going to be
a very good poem. 

I may not ever be ready
to share what’s really in my head,
how it replays those words,
“just before I slit his throat”
over and over.

Don’t want to say I’m haunted
by the true crime,
but it’s sitting there
under the surface,
every time I turn from the window
and the natural world.

I catch myself thinking:

Don’t forget to lock the door.
Don’t stop to play the Samaritan.
Don’t ever drop your guard.

Maybe I’m too paranoid
to be reading Capote in the first place,
but occasionally,
there’s that darkness deep inside
that must be satisfied.

All of us have the capacity—
all of us can dig a little and find
where evil lies.

Some of us will never cross the line.
(What decides who is on which side?)

But the reality is,
Evil comes out of hiding
to strike like a gator on a bayou

They are out there-empty and black inside
waiting to make their move.

We all know this, yet it’s so
easy to put the facts out of mind – to forget.

Don’t ever forget.

In the beginning I disclaimed
about being clever.

Good thing I did.

Kathleen Mortensen © 2017


19 thoughts on “Non-Fiction (a catharsis)

    • It just won’t go away. I rewatched the film, “Capote” the other day. I had seen it long before I read the book. I don’t think I can watch the original “In Cold Blood” movie – at least not right now.
      It feels like a crap poem to me.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. You’d be surprised at some of the things I think. Some of my favourite movies are pretty dark. I love Foreign film and a few come to mind: “Spoorlos”, “Insomnia”, “With A Friend Like Harry”. I recommend them all.

    I’m glad you liked the piece though. 😉 I’ll see if I can find some other stuff hidden in the depths of this blog that will show you my “true colours”. Ha ha.


  2. I probably should not have read In Cold Blood as a teenager, but I did, and right when it was getting intense, I was riding the downtown bus in Seattle and it stopped and we had to disembark because of a police shooting and the road was blocked (the bus was a electric cable bus so it couldn’t make a detour). As I stepped off the bus and 1/2 block away was a body under the sheet. Just lying there. Took me a couple of years before I could pick up the book again and finish it.

    I noticed you mentioned Isomina (the original foreign version, not the American remake)…that was a great movie…Thinking of that movie reminds me of the Nordic Noir tv show from Finland that’s on Netflix called “Bordertown”, where the main detective uses a “memory house” to remember all the details, but it haunts him, too.


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