Advice For FPL Managers

Advice to FPL Managers

Can’t sleep because you’re bothered
By those gameweeks that are blank;
Your nights are filled with tossing
Over who will score or tank.

You’re seeing charts and data
In every little spot,
Reading tweets and hearing podcasts,
To find someone who is hot.

You’re scheming, and you dream
Of moving up the line, not down,
You’re seeking different men
Who will make you beam, not frown,

And knowing time is running out
To make it to the top,
Is why your head is spinning,
So step back, and please STOP!

For FPL’s not just who wins
(Tho’, in a way of course, that’s so,)
But having fun along the road
Is vital, don’t you know?

@FPLkat (Kat Mortensen ©2018)


4 thoughts on “Advice For FPL Managers

  1. I know people who have up to a dozen teams, multiple sports including GAA. They not only ruin it for themselves, they ruin it for me by talking about it. 😉 Fun poem, made me grin.


    • I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I am a full-blown FPL addict. I love the data, the research, the names, the games, the winning and the losing (not as much). Both my husband and I play. I’m ahead of him in our mini-league, which is nice for a change. 😉

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