Setting out on a new path …

People speak of going on a “journey” when they write blogs. I’ve been on many such journeys over the years. If you’ve read any of my previous blogs: My Life In Runes, Poetikat Unbound, The Benevolent Vegan, My Mother’s Roots, My Father’s Branches, or even Cracking FPL, you’ll know that I’m a prolific blog-writer, but my energies often fizzle out before they really get going.

This blog aims to leave everything behind and start fresh. That is my intention anyway.  I will still continue to write for Runes, but I’m hoping to move on from all the old stuff that was once my Blogger blog, “Poetikat’s Invisible Keepsakes”.  I’m beginning a new chapter, with verse as it may come.  I hope you’ll stay for the ride, however long it might be.


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