Catching up to the Poetry Bus (Wait for me!)

Before anyone starts to comment, I must add this disclaimer: I did not come up with the integral lines to this poem.  I can only credit Peadar, the Totalfeckineejit (best blog in the world, by the way) for the first two lines, although I did make a couple of changes.

Deux étoiles (Two Stars: A villanelle)


She was wearing McCartney—Stella;

I was sipping a Stella Artois.

The girl sang Piaf acapella.


I sat penning my latest novella;

Her perfume hung, breaking all lois.

She was wearing McCartney—Stella.


She’d a body like Lawson—Nigella,

And hair like Medusa, je crois.

The girl sang Piaf acapella.


I ordered some sliced mortadella

With potage blended from quelques pois

She was wearing McCartney—Stella


She looked a before Cinderella

In a dress slashed to bits—un, deux, trois

The girl sang Piaf acapella.


I paid for her favourite paella;

(Oh, to kiss her just once!— Je dois!)

She was wearing McCartney—Stella

The girl sang Piaf acapella.


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Passing on a little sunshine, but first, a reality check.

sunbloga  (Click the award to visit Cathy at One Pink Goose)


Reality Bytes

I don’t know you; you don’t know me;

we don’t really live on this pixel-filled screen.

I may book my face, or key in a bird-call,

but when it comes to it, you don’t know me at all.

I could be a lump who just sits on the sofa

eating bon bons and creampuffs—a bonafide loafer!

You might be one who works high in the ranks

with a desk full of docs and a margin that tanks.

I may just have had words with the  man in my life,

you could have slipped as you chopped with your knife,

but the mask we will post when we daily in-log,

in the main, is contentment to buoy up the blog,

and circus the masses who read us each day;

far be it from me to say, I’m not okay.

If we should gripe, growl or vent, as it’s known,

we might lose our grip on the “friends” that we’ve grown,

so we keep it hush-hush; we flicker and chirp

with pictures of stuff and the words that we burp

on a regular basis for those we’ve not seen

who appear time to time in a byte on our screen,

but when we sign off for the night and it’s late

we turn round, wind down, become real—acclimate. 

Kat Mortensen©2010 
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Having said all that, the task at hand for me is to name a dozen Sunny Blogs and that is relatively easy since I happen to be friendly with some very cheery people (at least that’s how they come across).  If you are a recipient below, please follow suit and pay this award forward to some sunny blogs of your own. (A link back to mine is always welcome too.)

Here are  my sunny favourites (on whom I am bestowing the blog award you find in my upper right corner).  Please visit Cathy at “One Pink Goose” – just click the award- as hers is on my list of 12 too. Her artwork is magnificent and she never fails to give the nod to her fell0w-artists.  Her blog is a feast for the eyes and the creative soul (as are all the ones listed below):

These are  folks you would be advised to visit if you’re having a glum day, you want to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder in a hurry, or if you just need a quick pick-me-up.

The B-Skep Chronicles – Michelle’s blog always brings a smile to my face.  Her children are cherubs. No really, they are! Her crafts are innovative and sweet just like she is and she always makes you feel welcome. (Go and visit her; you will find both the blog and its inhabitants charming.)

Frogs, Dogs and Ferns – I met Dan (Danuta) through Zuzana’s (more about her in a minute) blog and I have to confess that Dan and I just hit it off.  Not only do we keep up with each other’s blogs, but we have had a few lengthy and fun telephone conversations, even though she’s over in the UK.  Dan and her husband are in the midst of overhauling a cottage in the north of England, while trying to maintain and sell their home across the border, in Wales.  Dan’s warmth comes through in each of her posts and the thing that really drew us to each other is our mutual love of animals and nature, but what has cemented our new friendship is her great sense of humour.  She has a beautiful blog with great pictures and extremely well-crafted posts.  You simply must check her out!

Life Through Reflections – Zuzana’s blog out of Copenhagen, Denmark is always contemplative, tranquil and yet revivifying.  Her images, words and reflections will calm even the most unsettled mind.

Holy Blog Batman (My new friend Elizabeth Ickes is from Facebook, but when we discovered a mutual love of Catwoman from the original Batman series, it was a match made in 60s T.V. heaven! Her blog is a rich, adoring tribute to all things Batman. (Just don’t tell her that I didn’t like The Dark Knight, okay?)

Platypuss-in-boots – Looking for a bit of an escape from the madness of the world? Look no further! Enjoy the exploits of the Animals of Big Bed Land as they explore Goat Island and meditate on the world of the Monsters who co-exist with them.  Often thought-provoking and occasionally abstract, this land will exceed your expectations at every turn.

Circles of Rain – My other UK friend (with whom I share regular Instant Message correspondence) is Sarah in London, England.  Sarah is another one of those people whose creativity astounds me.  She is an art teacher for young ones by day and a prolific, diverse fabricator of multi-media creations by night.  Her blog is a visual treat and her honest and witty banter is captivating.

Yoli’s, Musings blog – Yoli has a gorgeous blog filled with inspiration and love and one dip into it is enough to restore you for a good long while.  She recently has adopted the most adorable child (you can see a picture of her right now) and I know Yoli is walking on air.

Fruit of the Carolyn – Carolyn is another woman of whom I am both in admiration and awe.  She has a good-sized family, copes with autism, has managed a goat farm and writes with grace, honesty and intelligence.  She is in the process of moving house for the 20-somethingth time! (I know that’s not a word, but it just felt right.)  A beautiful person, both inside and out, I know you’ll enjoy her as much as I do.

Johnstone Journal – Peggy was away from blogging for a very long time and I was really sorry to see her disappear from the blog-circuit because she is an exceptionally perceptive, articulate and spirited writer.  I enjoy interacting with her through comments and know she is one person I would really get on with in person.  I’m happy to say that she recently returned and I can’t recommend her posts enough.

(Okay, so I got eight done.  My shoulder’s giving out, so I’ll hold off on the other four until another time.  In the meanwhile, I hope you will take the opportunity to seek out these blogs  and leave a comment or make them your favourites.)

Have a sunny day!


Changing lanes on the Poetry Bus


Acrosticquain (train poem #1)


Riding rails

Away from Petersburg.

must mine at


Kat Mortensen©2010 


Beginning at the End  (train poem #2)


We slide into Sligo

with a world of expectation

(it’s our honeymoon).

I’m astounded to see

the end of a line—

the terminus,

and pray to God

it’s not an omen.

Kat Mortensen©2010 
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Theme Thursday: “green”

polar bear
Click pic to be transported!
Before you read this piece below, pop over to my good friend, Eberle Umbach’s (along with the Big Bed Land Gang)  blog at Platypuss-in-Boots where you’ll find that Polar Knight (the Polar Bear) has written about Yours Truly (*blushing*) and if you scroll down to yesterday’s post on the same page, you can read about not only my poems, but also the wonderful work of Christina Rosetti, Stevie Smith and even Beatrix Potter.  Well worth your time, I must say.


Most of us have dozens— give or take;
We try to keep them polished and pristine.
Generally, they’re real, tho’ some are fake;
And often stuff gets in between that’s green.

Some trick them out with silver, some with gold;
We use them every day, time and again.
Most can take the heat, but not the cold;
The saying goes, “They’re rarest on the hen”.

We all start out with none while still a tot,
Then lose them each in turn and cash them in,
Then gain a few with time in every spot;
They all come back again, so it’s win-win.

And when we die, they’ll be here in days hence,
In case of murder, giving evidence.

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Magpie Tales #3 – A Tale of an Imaginary Dog


The Labours of Hercules

Let me tell you a tale of our Mexican dog,

He is thin as a rail, his eyes bulge like a frog,

But if you expect him to be shy and weak,

Think again, for his namesake harks back to the Greek.

Herculean effort he puts into each day,

Triumphs victorious, not simply, “Sit! Stay!”

He’ll wrestle the cat with the long ginger mane,

Then whiz on a hydrant, or some mister’s cane.

He’s dragged off a rat, that he’s dealt a death-blow,

And poor guinea-pig he once lost in the snow.

He’s dug out the rabbit hutch, scattering hay,

And yipped at the crows ‘til they all flew away.

We thought the Great Dane would for sure take no bull,

But our little Herc, to its ear gave a pull,

Shoved his head in the fish-tank where sea-horses bobbed,

Then stole granny’s girdle with glee and he lobbed

It up in the air for our guests to enjoy,

As we looked on in horror at our little boy!

Had he finished his labours? Oh no, not quite yet;

He stomped on the still-suckling babe-trio set,

Then toppled the apples of gold in the dish;

A bit of reprieve when he’s fixed, is our wish,

But as if to confirm that he cannot be curbed

He challenges Rottweiler’s, three, unperturbed.

The only time Herc isn’t causing us *bleep*,

Is when he winds down and is finally asleep.

I suppose if we gave our Chihuahua a name,

like Tiny or Midget he’d be much more tame,

So all his adventures on us you can lay—

Living up to his namesake’s the price that we pay.

We’re thinking of chaining him up to a pound, (kilo)

But knowing our pup, he’ll just lug it around!

Kat Mortensen©2010 Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape

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Another spin on the Poetry Bus (Two Roads)

Please note: I’ve written two pieces for this prompt.  The second was an after-thought.

Faith and Death and Faith


I find Him when I hear the notes of Mozart,

And when a voice can thrill me to the bone;

I find Him in a taste that is exquisite,

Or outside in the yard, beneath a stone.


I find Him in the eye of my adored one,

Whose cheek so soft and tender touches mine;

I find Him in the petals and the branches,

And Sundays in the water and the wine.


I find Him in the grizzle-headed hunched ones,

Who fill up all the seats at Mass each week;

I find Him in the toddlers at Communion,

Who don’t know yet, the Kingdom that we seek.


I fail to see Him in the stone-faced statues,

Or wooden boxes draped with cloth of gold;

And ornate altars, edged with gilded touches,

Cannot arouse an ardour that’s gone cold.


I find Him in the hymns of Middle Ages,

and prayers and lines the Ancients wrote and said,

but since he took my father from my presence,

a part of Him, to me is all but dead.

Kat Mortensen©2010 
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On Dying


I’m a hypocrite.

I’ll tell you I’m anti-euthanasia,

but only for the rest of them—

not for me.

I’m patho-logical.

If I’m sick with some

untreatable illness,

do away with me—

let’s get the suffering over,

so we can all go home.

Don’t lie me in a bed,

to shrivel up,

in wailing agony;

cut me loose,

and walk away,

knowing I’m free from it all!

Then incinerate me

and take me to a place

where the birds sing sweet

and the creatures of God

gambol, as they do.


Mix me with the dirt

(take some home with you)

and dust off your hands.


Kat Mortensen©2010 
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For more participants in TFE’s Poetry Bus, please visit his site: Totalfeckineejit for the links. Thanks.