An Indoor Cat’s Bucket-List


Oh! To go,

beyond the windows and the doors;

sniff a few flowers;

come nose-to-nose with a hare;

hiss at the neighbour’s dog;

pounce on a grass-hopper;

taste real catnip from the source;

toy with a live mouse;

run up a tree;

run back down;

lie on a window-sill in the sun;

drink from a puddle;

stalk a bird – and nearly catch it;

roll around on the sidewalk in the dirt;

hide under a bush, and finally,

hear my Master’s voice …

calling me home.

Kat Mortensen©2014


On the road again …

Despite the chill in the air, this morning, I got up out of bed, and with only a few sips of coffee in me, forced myself out the front door for a walk. I’m so glad I did!

Along the way, I overheard a cat being turfed out the front door and went over to commiserate. It turns out the cat was in quite a nice situation on the front porch, so I took a photo to capture its indignant “resignation”.

So hard-done by.
A visit to the pond up the road proved to be quite fascinating.  The ducks who frequent the spot were on location, but when one landed on the water from above, it was startled by a creature from the depths! I had a very tough time getting this “unknown” on camera from the distance where I am able to stand (there are loads of rushes and weeds all along the embankment).  I gave up trying to get a photo of it because my hands were being to freeze.
Much to my surprise, when I loaded my images, I discovered that I actually had caught the mystery-animal on film. Too bad the image is so blurry. I will get a better one eventually.
Any guesses on what it is?
 I was overjoyed when this fellow appeared on the horizon and began to circle the pond looking for a place to land. Eventually, he turned back and came to rest on this railing near the adjacent reservoir.
My first Belted Kingfisher.
And finally, a bit of a long-shot, but also somewhat of an inside joke. Kevin and I fancy these gulls, who regularly visit the soccer pitch across the road, are actually playing in a game of five-a-side. What do you think?
By the way, we live nowhere near the sea and this is just a small portion of the number of gulls that arrive every day.

Ee-i-ee-i-o! (On the farm again.)

Trips to any farm are always bittersweet for me.  It is lovely to see and interact with the animals, but knowing their lives are all too short, seeing calves that have been heartlessly torn from their moms just hours after being born, and witnessing some animals that are plagued with flies about their orifices, really takes the joy out of it.

Yesterday, my friend (and choir-director), young mom, Nicole and I took her three children, a girl (aged 4.5), a boy (just turned 3) and another girl (about be a year old) to a local organic dairy farm.  Kevin and I  had visited there a couple of weekends ago and it was a cloudy day with no one around.  It didn’t seem quite so sad for some reason. Maybe it had to do with a friendly cow, and a tag-along cat that I met as I made my way around the barn and visited the animals.  It was a sweetheart—quite young and full of purrs!

I reconnected with this cow yesterday, and got a bristly tongue snaked around my neck!

The kids and their mom had a good time getting up close with the animals—although the boy was much less timid when it came to feeding the goat!

There was a fun swing in a tree and the two older ones took turns as I gave them pushes to “go higher”.

We had a picnic lunch, but for me, it was marred by the appearance of a very young and persistent cat who wanted to get up on the table.

Now, ordinarily, I would be fine with this, but it was obvious that this particular little cat was not well.  It had a runny nose and weeping, half-closed eye, which told me it was probably suffering with a feline virus of some sort, and certainly should not be near an infant and young kids.

Most of you who know me, understand what a keen animal-lover I am, and to have to keep pushing this dear little creature away (sometimes quite harshly) went completely against my nature.  Had it been my own cat, I would have been bathing the eye and nose with baby shampoo followed by some tea-bags to kill bacteria and then whisking it off to the vet’s for some antibiotics. The reality is (and believe me, I know) this is just a “barn cat” – probably somewhat feral, and definitely uncared for.  It will most likely sicken further, and die at a very young age.  It makes me really sad.

The idea of visiting a farm and getting up close to the barn animals beloved in that old children’s tune, “Old McDonald, Had a Farm” is appealing, but if you are a true carer of animals, you might be surprised at what you see.

I won’t be rushing back; it’s too hard to take.

The kids, on the other hand, had a great time. Oh, and I neglected to mention, there was organic ice cream which was enjoyed by all.

Getting excited over grass-collecting for the goat.
 Brave enough to get up close.
No fear now.
A young calf.
What have you got for me?
Did someone say, ice cream?

On a Mission!

Apart from artistic pursuits, cooking and cats, my greatest love is hitting the thrift stores in my area to see what’s on offer.

We moved from a fairly large city about a year and a half ago, and I was really concerned that access to our favourite charity shops would no longer be easy, but I’ve been delighted to find that some of the local, smaller shops can yield BIG rewards.

For example, there’s an enclosed small plaza on the main country road between my town and the next to the east and it has a nice grocery store, a little restaurant where you can get a terrific breakfast, a florist, a pharmacy AND a Mission Thrift Store!

The fantastic thing about this little backroom store, is the rack out front in the plaza, where every day (Monday to Saturday) they hang out clothing that is $.75 a piece!  Seriously. Can you do better than that?

Sure, some of it is pretty horrendous – wrinkled collars, ancient styles, awful man-made fibres, BUT  many times, I have struck gold!

Take a look at these:

Garage, 3/4 length-sleeved tee in a lovely fuschsia colour!

Canadian-Made (Yay!) Fleece zip-jacket.  Pay no attention to the hair, that’s from MY cat!
Old Navy Emerald green long-sleeved top – great as a liner on Winter days, or for St. Paddy’s Day!

Self Esteem, ochre, capped-sleeve top – too soft not to sleep in it!
Love this MARK! So cool!
A Norwegian ramekin just made to hold our rings.  Oops! Looks like my husband forgot his this morning!

All in all, it was a pretty great visit to my local, small-town charity shop, wouldn’t you agree? I mean, all I spent was $3.25  AND no tax!

Join me again soon for another hunt,


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Is it Saturday Already?

Gilbert (foreground) Daisy (back)

The past two weeks have been a real roller-coaster on the cat-front.  Our little Daisy, who is 16 going on 17 (just like the song) has thyroid problems and requires a tapezole-cream to be administered in her ear twice a day to keep her going.  She has kidney problems and is on a special diet, and the meds usually cause her to be bound up every few days.  She gets wheat bran in her wet food, followed by cream to keep things moist and to put some weight on her because she is pretty thin.

Two weeks ago yesterday (Friday), she very suddenly became listless and started vomiting.  There was blood in her urine.  I rushed her to the vet and she underwent a battery of tests.  (We usually try to steer clear of the vet as much as possible by treating issues in our cats with natural remedies.  Often, it is a matter of waiting 24 hours in some situations and things work themselves out.  Of course, there are also indicators when things are severe and need professional attention and we never hesitate to do so when that occurs.)

After blood-work, an x-ray, a rectal temperature reading and three tries at inserting a tube for subcutaneous fluids, our poor little Daisy was spent (and so was I).  After diagnosing an infection, they finally got her ready to go home, complete with a liquid antibiotic to be dropped into her food.  That weekend was a sheer nightmare for us.  She refused to eat anything, we couldn’t get the meds in her to kill the infection and she was just wasting away.  On Saturday night, I was convinced she was going to die on us.

Throughout this scenario, she was still sociable to the point of wanting to be where we were, so I did put a bit of hope in that.  We finally resorted to wrapping her in a towel and shooting the medication into the back of her throat.  After listening to her wheeze and groan all night long (I hardly slept a wink), things looked marginally better in the morning and she started to take a bit of yogurt off my finger (ordinarily, she will stalk me for it) and some tinned salmon juice (after the meds).  By Sunday night, things were looking much better and we knew she was going to make it.

A few days later, our old guy, Gilbert (who will be 19 in August) was hunched over and showing signs of constipation, so we had to nurse him through that.  He was sick a few times and couldn’t eat, but he was drinking lots of water, so eventually it all passed.

This week, we had another Daisy crisis when it was her turn to be bound up – the slightest alteration of food or meds can cause this – and had me inserting an infant glycerin suppository up her backside on Wedsnesday night.  (I should have been a vet!)  By Thursday morning, she was right as rain, and eating like a champ.

You will forgive me for having been less than present on this blog for a spell, I’m sure.  On the other hand, you probably won’t be surprised to find that I’ve created a new blog devoted to the photographs of my and other people’s cats and dogs here:  SHOOTING CATS AND DOGS

There have been quite a lot of ups and downs (for that read: personality conflicts and health issues) with my 83 year old mother of late, and when I find myself in these situations, I tend to invent diversions. Thus, the new blog.

Becky’s Huevos Rancheros at Box Social. Mmmmm!

Thursday morning, I went out with my camera and my iPod and took photos of my church and a few things around town.  I treated myself to a fab brunch at my local restaurant, “Box Social”. I had an amazing plate of huevos rancheros and some great coffee, then I went to the thrift store in town and found a few goodies.  Along the way, I encountered a couple of nice dogs that I photographed as well.  While doing the dishes later that day, the name, “Shooting Cats and Dogs” popped into my head.

I’d be thrilled if you’d like to send me your best photos of your own cats and dogs to be featured in the new space.  E-mail me at

Perhaps The Mag #115 will spawn a poem.  Watch this space!

Have a great day!


P.S. And let’s not forget the rabbit-rescue! (see previous post)

CATATONIA (a song in my head)

It’s a three cat night;
I’m tossing and I’m turning.
A three cat night;
Under the comforter, I’m burning.
I got one at my head,
One on my hip—
Another at my knee.
It’s a three cat night;
There’s no room left for me!

It’s a three cat night;
Every one is licking.
A three cat night;
The clock is slowly ticking.
There’s the hairball choke,
It’s an inside joke—
I am seeing Red.*
It’s a three cat night;
I’m gonna lose my head!

It’s a three cat night;
My mate don’t seem to worry.
A three cat night;
My pillow’s gettin’ furry.
Yeah, the bed’s real wide,
Out on the other side—
He’s sleeping like a log.
It’s a three cat night,
And he’s talking ’bout a dog!

Kat Mortensen©2011 Protected by Copyscape DMCA Takedown Notice Checker
*Red is the name of one of our cats.