Now and Then

Now and then, I remember
when we were young.
We made love in a cold room
with plastic sheeting on the window.
We rocked and rolled
beneath the patterned quilt—
(our un-guilty Christmas gift
to each other),
and kept our socks on.

We didn’t care about the blare
of Seger’s “Still the Same”
coming from the flat upstairs,
and “Jagged Little Pill”
across the hall.
We only knew our own
small world under the covers.

We worked temp
to pay the bills,
shopped “no frills”
for yellow-labeled cans
and made plans for the future …

milestones have transpired,
but we can smile
at how happy we were
and how we still have some fire—
we’re still the same lovers …
now and then.

Kathleen Mortensen©2017


Bed of Nails

Warning: You might get a crick in the neck when you read this.


P.S. This in no way reflects the state of my marriage; it is entirely fictitious. As for previous relationships, well …

Marriage makes it easy


I can touch you
without recrimination
I can touch you
without fear of failure
I can touch you
without worry you’ll run away
like a rousted rabbit
I can touch you
without a knot in the pit
of my stomach
I can touch you
with love on my lips
I can touch you
without lifting a finger

Kathleen Mortensen©2008