Mystery Train

We’ve toured on the Orient Express
In em’ralds and cute Dior dress
Our hats in their boxes
Our coats trimmed with foxes
We’d one thing in mind – to impress.

A theft of some jewels we thought
Resulted in criminal caught
We enlisted Poirot
But some fool like Clouseau
Our solutions undid – we’re distraught!

A body, in baggage was found
By someone exploring a sound
Of creaking and scratching-
Some clever plot-hatching
The murderer’s now gone to ground.

The trinkets and baubles astray
Were retrieved at the end of the day
The thieves? apprehended
For now, it’s all ended
Come join us again, when we play.

Kathleen Mortensen©2009 Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape


All aboard, the Orient Express!


Pick a travel case; it’s going to be a busy journey and we’ll need our cosmetics and colognes to look stunningly beautiful.

blacksuit cloche alligator shoes

I’m wearing a vintage 1940s suit and alligator shoes with matching 1920s black velvet cloche hat for departure.

nudedress silvers velvetlong

For evening, you’ll find me in this elegant nude flapper dress with silver heeled shoes. If it’s chilly, I’ll wear this lovely brown velvet coat.

peachrobe You just might catch me dashing down the corridors in this peach tie-robe(or slipping into someone’s private car for a night-cap (scandalous)!

biasdress purplejack

When it’s fancy dress time, I’ll glide into the elegant dining car in my purple silk gown with matching jacket.

It’s going to be so much fun! I do hope something exciting happens – perhaps an absconding with something of value (not mine, of course) or even, dare I say it? A murder!

To join us on our fantastic trip, click on the “Orient Express” picture in my sidebar which will speed you over to Museswing’s for all the particulars.

See you there!

I Can’t Forget

Just before New Year’s Eve, Museswings kindly included me in a list of recipients of the “Best Blog 2008” award. I feel honoured to have been represented amongst such a worthy group, but whereas she chose to designate the award to a rather large group, I feel compelled to single out but a few. I would give this right back to Cynthia, but she already has one and I’m sure others will pass it to her as well, so she doesn’t need it from me.

Now, I know that most of the other writers with whom I associate in the blog-world, will not be inclined to flaunt an award such as this, so I won’t even try to give it to them. They know who they are and they should know to whom I would give it.

So, instead, I will focus on those blogs that have an eclecticism to which I am consistently drawn, to fill me up with information and wisdom I have heretofore not come across, humour that makes me snort, snicker, chuckle, choke, guffaw or gasp with laughter; photographs and artwork that evoke emotions of all kinds; recipes, gadgets, videos, music, quotations – all meant to entertain and enlighten.

There are so many blogs that are worthy of this award. So many folks are putting out quality stuff and it’s hard to narrow them all down, but I must acknowledge 3 in particular:

They are:

Blicky Kitty
I discovered Blicky Kitty rather late in the year, but Blicky has consistently educated me and made me giggle with delight every time. Each visit I can look forward to a lesson and a good laugh. Blicky is one smart kitty!

Life at Willow Manor
Willow rightfully became a “Blog of Note” recently and now has a flock of followers, but she never loses her ability to make every single person feel right at home at Willow Manor. She is the perfect hostess.

Linda and her Twaddle
Linda’s view on life (from Down Under) is funny, family-oriented and frequently surprising. She is not just a fellow-blogger, but a thoughtful friend as well.

Those are my picks. Check them out for yourself and see why I can’t stay away from these fantastic blogs.

Honourable Mention goes to:

Birdbath Chronicles

A Little Birdie Told Me So
Life Just Keeps Getting Weirder

It’s beginning to look a lot like…you know what!

The lovely Cynthia at Museswings is hosting a Christmas bash on Monday, December 15. Bring all your goodies, your treasure-troves of ornaments, your forests of pine, your best party-gown and your crystal-clear carolling-voices! Share your memories, ideas and recipes!
Join the gang for a house-to-house party, where we’re pulling out all the stops to celebrate the Christmas season.

I’ve heard tell, that there will be a festive egg-nog guzzing, er, I mean tasting as well! Yum!

Here’s how: