Let Me Tell You Something (spoken version)

MY APOLOGY: I went on a bit of a rant last week and deleted myself from a boatload of accounts that were taking up too much mental-space. Soundcloud was one of these accounts and therefore, the below recording no longer exists. I am looking for an alternative and will post the spoken word piece as soon as I find it.

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January Open Mic

Thanks to Crow at Words and Feathers (click link to join in!) for hosting this terrific platform for sharing our creativity. Here is my contribution. It is rather bleak, but when I look out at the miserable day outside here, it seems very appropriate. The quality is down to my HP laptop and  Windows 10. I apologize for this.

Ice Men

A soul-compass, something inside—
(sane, or insane?)
drove them down
to the bottom of the world.

They would glide in their hard-hulled boats—Astrolabe,
Discovery, Endurance
until the ice locked them in.

Damned, on guano-beaches;
the sun (that infernal sun!) bleached their skin—
their lashes. The ashes of dead fires
told sad tales of meagre feasts.
Black and white sea-beasts broke the ice,
eager for their next meal.
Was it all real?

They waited: sheltered,
from the blowing wind,
and snow,
and sun,
under the belly of a life-boat—
surrounded by bloated seals, blood and after-birth,
squawking skua-survivors—
cold Hell.

Only the ghosts can tell us why they had to go;
how that drag, on the compass-needle could draw
them south to their destinies
or doom.

I wonder, do modern ice men
hear their voices in the gloom,
when they lie down
at night?

Kathleen Mortensen©2012

Original Poetry Sunday (on Saturday)

cherry bowl Click for source.

Cherries, Ripe (a recipe)

pluck one from the bowl

put it to your lips

feel the cool

smooth surface

snap the strand

that once drew life

from the branch

pierce the skin

with a cuspid

striking to its heart

of stone

mash the flesh

with molars

or wisdom–

if you’ve got it

drain the pulp

of its scarlet hue

the sweetness

and the sharp

at its core

incise the remnants

from the pit

and spit out

the carnage.


Kathleen Mortensen©2009 Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape

By request: a piece (and by suggestion: a podcast)

buffet1 buffet5

I was interrupted by a thunderstorm earlier as I was posting this, so I didn’t have the opportunity to explain the request portion of this title. In an e-mail exchange with my friend Jeannelle of Midlife by Farmlight, she asked if I could post a photo of the item you see in the photos above. I was happy to comply, since I am proud to show it to you! I also did not get the chance to edit, so I apologize to my first readers of this post!

Friday night we went for a fantastic dinner at Vijay’s Indian restaurant. We started with cocktails (I’m on a Cosmopolitan kick since I had my first one on my birthday. I had my very first martini in Stratford on our anniversary. Fittingly, it was called “The Taming of the Shrew”.) Kevin had a Beck’s beer.

We selected two separate dinners for one from the extensive menu and the meal began with a crisp, spicy papadum – rather like a very thin tortilla, it snaps into crunchy pieces and sets off the taste buds in preparation for the meal to come. These came with a lovely homemade mango chutney.

Next were the samosas – a fried pastry triangle filled with potatoes and other vegetables and spiced to perfection with cardamom and ginger and curry spices such as garam masala and turmeric. These were huge! One samosa was equal to two of the ones we usually eat if we buy them for home.

This was followed by silver dishes filled with Aloo Gobi (a dry potato and cauliflower dish spiced to a deep yellow colour) Saag Aloo (a spicy cooked spinach and potato dish) pulao rice ( fragrant basmati rice with peas) and our main dish of chicken curry (we thought the butter chicken might be too heavy with the rest) spiced to a “medium-plus’ level which was perfect. We also had two huge pieces of buttered, toasted naan bread. Yum!

We had a half-liter of a lovely Chardonnay to accompany the meal and mango ice cream to finish off . I had a black coffee.

Finally, our waiter, Zack – a most pleasant and friendly young man, brought us a small dish of candy-coated fennel seeds to cleanse our palates.

The entire meal came to only $70 with the tip (quite a deal considering all the food, don’t you agree?). We had plenty of leftovers which we took home and enjoyed the next day.

After dinner, we wandered downtown and went into one of our favourite stores, “Orbit” – a unique flea-market type store with rooms running deep into the old main-street shop, filled to capacity with everything under the sun. You can find books, clothing, dishes, records, jewelry, artwork, and even the odd piece of furniture.

A $2.00 rack outside the shop was holding my attention (I bought 3 items) while inside, Kevin had discovered a fantastic original oil painting. When I went inside the store, he called me back to see it and I immediately gave my approval. (See photo above.)

I was having a wander around in one of my favourite rooms which houses a shelf of old children’s books when I happened upon the piece of furniture you see in the picture. I have long been seeking a piece such as this one for my dining room. The Hyggehus is quite small and storage is at a premium (always). When I caught sight of this beauty, I was resolved to own it – especially when I saw the price tag of (ready for this?) $85!

The store owner was willing to deliver for a nominal fee and so we walked out of “Orbit” with a painting, some clothing and the promise of a new, painted buffet. We actually prefer the painted look as it has a Scandinavian feel, but the top is solid oak (?), I believe and it is an extremely well-made piece. While shifting dishes and other things into it yesterday, I discovered an insignia on the inside that reads “Bell’s Furniture, Southampton”. It turns out that this is a Bruce County company from the late 1800s to early 1900s that no longer exists. We originally thought it might be from Southampton in England, but were not surprised to learn it came from just an hour or so north of us in the Ontario town of Southampton. Either way, we are thrilled with the piece since it looks fantastic, is very sturdy and has freed up a ton of space elsewhere.

Now to the suggestion: My good friend, John Hayes of Robert Frost’s Banjo (I haven’t said this in a while, so I will repeat myself; if you have not visited his blog yet, you really must check it out. John’s blog is a cornucopia of things of interest from poetry to music to food to photography. A visit to John’s blog is a sensory trip that will leave you desirous of more).

John read my Original Poetry Sunday poem from yesterday (see post below) and he suggested that it might make a good podcast. Not being one to let the grass grow (as they say), I got on that right away, so you are welcome to have a listen to my reading of the poem: Percale: A Sunday Poem. Please see my sidebar (top left) and click on the title to hear it.

That’s all for today!


Poetry Reading (It’s been 2 years already!)

Hello Everyone! Welcome to my first official PODCAST. Yahoo! (Please note: the podcaster is now in my sidebar at top left.)

What better day to launch my Podcasting abilities than on my Blogoversary?

Yes. It’s been 2 years since I started this lark called “blogging” and I have to say I’ve learned so much about myself about people in general and about the intricacies of the internet.

The best part about blogging has definitely been the people I’ve encountered and who have become my friends. Even better, is that I continue to meet the nicest people (almost on a daily basis). I LOVE blogging and I LOVE sharing my poetry with you all (because you really encourage and appreciate what I do, but also because I like to bring a smile to your faces–or a tear to your eye). I hope you’ll continue on this journey with me as I reveal who I am as a poet and a person in this mad world.



Morning Of A Fawn

What must have possessed him
Climbing steps of stone
Ent’ring hallowed halls where
Only man has gone
Pointed stars directing
On his lonely quest
Eyes to front, he’s charging
Which way out is best?
Up and over desktop
Papers fill the air
Crashing heavy objects
Flying tufts of hair
Over in the distance
Streaming on the floor
Sunlight from a window–
Should have used the door!
Slack jaws hanging open
Beast is gone, pell-mell
Speculating’s rampant
Home to park Odell?
Harshness of the winters
Population dropped
Numbers on the rise now
Time the harts were stopped.

Kathleen Mortensen©2009

 Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape

Absence makes the heart…

Dear Loyal Readers:

I will be unavailable for posting or commenting for the next few days (although, knowing me, I’ll have to have my fix, periodically!) due to the imminent party for my parents’ Golden Wedding Anniversary this coming Saturday.

I encourage you to explore my Archives (under “BODY OF WORK” in the lower half of my sidebar), or have a listen to me reading some of my poems (in the Podcast box below the “Hyggehus” photo in my sidebar) and ALSO, please wander over to CULTURE CLIPS FOR GEN-XERS where I have posted a few goodies that will take you back and make you laugh, sing and smile.

See you after the party! (Who knows? Perhaps a poem will result as well.)


Where is the Kat?

Blanche in her “Mosquito Net”.

Poetikat must humbly beg your forgiveness for being absent these last few days. She’s in the midst of party-planning (negotiating with caterers no less!) for the 50th Wedding Anniversary of her parents. The party is coming up soon on August the 9th, so there’s much to be done.
In addition to that, Kat’s beloved cousin Janis and her daughter, Stacia are coming for an overnight stay tomorrow and the house is a tip! Fur-tumbleweeds are blowing about, bathtub needs a good scour, there’s linens to wash and food to be prepped.

Kat’s making a delicious “white” veggie chili with chick peas, white kidney beans, zucchini, green peppers and tomatoes (thank heavens for crock-pots!), and a nice strawberry angel-food cake for dessert.

It will be great fun to reminisce with Janis. She’s the one who was with Kat in this poem: “Getting Ducked”.

Oh, and there’s some really exciting news to share with all of you; our Kat’s going to be doing a reading at a local cafe in August. Yes, she sent her bio and a link to this blog to the folks at Salon des Merveilles and they want her to headline at the Exhibit Cafe, here in Kitchener! Won’t that be fun? Wish you could all be there for her debut. (She is working out how to do a podcast for this blog, so stay tuned.)

Well, that’s all for now…Kat’s off to get the cleaning done and she still has to write that Wedding Poem that someone has ordered for their husband-to-be.

It’s a busy time, but lots of fun too!

(I’m not sure why Kat has chosen to write in the 3rd Person today, but I expect it may have something to do with the 2 cups of coffee she had earlier – her safe limit is just one).