Brain Drain

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Ever have one of those days where you just have no idea what you are doing?  It’s as if the synapses in my brain are twitching, but then they’re sparking out.

I have an impulse to create a poem, but no words or thoughts with which to complete that idea.

Every time I leave the screen I’m on with the intention of going to look at something else on line, I completely forget what it was I seeking in the first place.

I wanted to write a Sepia Saturday post, but it’s looking like it might end up being a Sepia Sunday or even Monday, at this rate!

I wanted to sort out my genealogy archives. The hard copies I’m preparing to transfer to another site because my membership is about to expire and  I cannot afford to pay for another year’s subscription (to the tune of $299.00). The problem is, I’ve misplaced my notes for my mother’s side.

I’ve been reading and thoroughly enjoying, Bram Stoker’s, “Dracula”, so I think I’ll just get back to that for now and let my brain have a breather.

Oh, did I mention, I’m also learning the Latin hymn, “Ubi Caritas” for our upcoming Easter Choir performances? That’s a bit taxing on the old synapses too.

Not our choir!


“Hum”, A new poem for Sepia Saturday 69

Photo courtesy of my cousin, Colin Polland (my Great-grandfather delights the offspring with his fiddle.)


In my head,

The father’s mother’s father (long-dead)

Is playing a tune—a runic melody;

It tumbles o’er the hills and out to sea,

To rise above the atmospheric scum—

Becoming part of the universal hum

For all eternity.


Has stolen snatches;

Scratches and squeals reel against the strings—

My heart sings.

I know my fingers would fumble with the rosined bow,

But my toes involuntarily tap—my soul wraps the sound round

And round me like the winds that whirl and skirl up the Mournes.

We hum.

Kat Mortensen©2011

Protected by Copyscape DMCA Takedown Notice Checker

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Introducing: Kat’s Monitor – A Weekly Visit With Kat Mortensen

What’s Outside?  A pair of ducks in the “pond” out back, a gorgeous sunrise of vibrant blues and oranges, the water is drying up and the weather is supposed to be 18 degrees celsius today, but snow is on the horizon yet again!

What’s in my head?  I haven’t done a Sepia Saturday post in forever and I’ve got something planned that ties in with a fantastic, new family photo that an Irish second-cousin has provided.  A poem is simmering.

What am I grateful for? Everything!  Being able to walk out my front door into a beautiful landscape (as opposed to a long, bleak apartment hallway).

What’s cooking?  I made pancakes for my mom for breakfast; it’s her birthday today!  Happy Birthday, Betty!

What’s my “get-up”? Still in my pale-blue, sheepy-housecoat and Scottie-dog pajamas! Oh, and I’ve got the obligatory Grinch-socks on too!

What’s on the monitor? – there’s a whole load of new data available for Canadian research. Yay!  I met a genealogist in the library in the nearby town of Fergus yesterday and I’ll be going to my first off-line genealogy meeting, come May. 

Where am I off to? Nowhere today, but back to Kitchener tomorrow for mom’s eye-exam and to vacuum the apartment we just left, but of which we still technically have possession until April’s end.
Although, I’m very keen to chop my hair – it’s driving me batty lately and I always like to change my look when I change my environment. Besides, I think better without hair in my eyes. So far, I’ve managed to ignore the Wiltshire scissors in the drawer, but it’s not easy!

What’s in my library? Would you believe I have not progressed with “The Colony of Unrequited Dreams”?  I can barely remember where I left off!  Unpacking all of my books has me anxious to read something else, but I’ll feel kind of guilty if I leave a trail of unread novels in my wake.

What am I wishing for? A warm day, so I can go for a long stroll with my camera in hand.

What’s that noise? That thud? That’s Harry, the cat jumping down from his new “aerie” atop the armoire in Mom’s room.  It’s a new piece of furniture and Harry is loving his own “loft-space”.

What’s happening here? Still wondering what to do about a birthday dinner and a cake.  I have the cake ingredients, but no icing sugar to make frosting – and no candles! (Just as well, 82 would never fit on the cake.)

Gotta love this!  I’m almost done with the unpacking.  Trouble is, when you unpack the boxes, the crap in them has to find a place, doesn’t it?  That’s why one of the office tables is littered with junk and going nowhere at the moment.

What’s up this week? Looking forward to the first weekend we do NOT have to drive back to the town we just left.  Kev will be putting his feet up on Saturday to enjoy his EPL football matches and we’ll go on our second expedition to find the perfect pint.

Last Friday night we were here:  Fergusson Room

Today’s ear-worm: “Walk This Way” by Aerosmith. Yee Gawds!

‘Til next time!

Sepia Saturday #56 Take a look! Take part!

Please visit my Acadianeire’s Heritage blog on WordPress to see photographs of my Irish and Canadian ancestors and read some of my accompanying poetry and anecdotes.

Sepia Saturday was developed by Alan Burnett and myself to provide a place where all sorts of photographs – sepia and otherwise, could be shared.  It has been a big success and in 33 days we will have been doing this for a full year! Alan is the curator of our posts and does a fine job of introducing the series each week.

Many people regularly post for Sepia Saturday and we are always treated to a great variety of unique and interesting family stories and pictures.

I invite you to visit not only my blog, but the Sepia Saturday designated blog itself and see if it’s something in which you too might be interested in participating.  Just post your pics and stories and sign up! It’s that easy.

Thank you!


We were lost, but now we’re found!

It HAS been quite some time since we posted about the adventures of “shadowstalking”.  Although we’ve been sidetracked for a number of days, weeks—oh heck! It’s months, isn’t it?  We’re back now, ready to share a few items of interest.  A couple of people received their copies of the poetry volume and unfortunately, the poet, was unable to share them with you due to life-circumstances.  (Sounds serious, doesn’t it? Not to worry! She’s just going through some transitions with respect to house and home. At the moment, she owns one, rents another and is having a third one built!  If you visit the Invisible Keepsakes blog, or The Kat Flat, you will already be aware of this situation.)

In any event, I shall endeavour to get back on track with this blog dedicated to my humble poetry book and to start off, I’d like to share a photo sent to me by my dear friend, Alan Burnett of West Yorkshire, England,  with whom I am acquainted through his blogs: News From Nowhere, Alan Burnett’s Photo Blog and one of my favourites, “Fat Dog to the Big Apple”. Alan is almost as prolific as I am when it comes to creating blogs. In fact, we have even collaborated on the very popular, Sepia Saturday effort. (I have to apologize for my ineffectiveness on that score, of late, as well.)

I would LIKE to, but I can’t! (The advent of G+ resulted in my losing a number of photos and his was one of the casualties. I invite you to click the image and read his interview with me instead.)

In case it turns up, I’ll leave you with this image:  oh, there he is at the top, sitting in a pub, enjoying a pint and a poem! (I’ll leave it to you to decide which ranks higher in his estimation, but if I know Alan…)

Stop by soon for a new photo that was sent by one of my family members.  Oh, and if anyone’s interested in doing a little interview on their blog, please let me know, so we can arrange it.


Kat (the poet)

Sepia Saturday 31 – Desperately Seeking Malcolm

Missing Links

Look into their faces ( it’s  a picture like no other);
Both of them are kin to me— my Nanny’s father’s mother,
And father who lived happily on island of Cape Breton,
But trying to find out more on them has got me really frettin’,
For documents that show their names are scarcely to be found
And anyone with details of their lives is not around.

There’s one 19th Century Census sheet from 1881;
Ann and Malcolm in Grand Narrows, live with Neil, their only son,
But nowhere can I find a marriage licence for the pair,
Or obits in newspapers, and I’m tearin’ out my hair!
I even had them tied up with a Scottish Barra clan,
Until I saw the census-taker’s notes about the man.

This proved for once and all that he’s a true Canadian
(not like grandmother’s other side who were Acadian).
Thing is, everywhere I look, I find McNeils galore,
Stranger still, there’s Anns and Neils and Malcolms, by the score,
But none of them are mine, who ended up in old Glace Bay.
I’ll have to let them rest now, but I’ll find them all some day!

Kat Mortensen©2010 Protected by Copyscape DMCA Takedown Notice Checker
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