Summer Cherries

Cherries, Ripe (a recipe)

pluck one from the bowl

put it to your lips

feel the cool

smooth surface

snap the strand

that once drew life

from the branch

pierce the skin

with a cuspid


to its heart of stone

mash the flesh

with molars

or wisdom— if you’ve got it

drain the pulp

of its scarlet hue

the sweetness

and the sharp

at its core

incise the remnants

from the pit

and spit out

the carnage


Kat Mortensen copyright 2009

(published in SHADOWSTALKING, a collection of Kat’s poems, copyright 2010)


Shadowstalking hits MOSCOW!

Haven’t been here in a long while, but I just had to share a couple of photos with all of you.

Long time Facebook-friend of mine, Denise Stevens has taken “Shadowstalking” to a new, unexpected and utterly fantastic destination: MOSCOW, Russia!

I am literally BLOWN AWAY by this. Seriously. Now I can die happy.

In case you’ve missed out, my book of poems, “Shadowstalking” is available by clicking on the book image in my sidebar, or by e-mailing me directly at

I’d love to send you a signed copy of my first collection with a complimentary bookmark.


Christmas steal! “Shadowstalking” is 20% off!

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There’s something for everyone in this book.
Here’s one of the poems in “Shadowstalking” that’s perfect for this time of year:

after the party,
we were tipsy, weren’t we?
And it was just impossible to resist
flinging ourselves (all down-puffed)
backward into that battlement.
Sinking in—
the mind-numbing cold
rousing our minds, numbed—
just enough to orchestrate our arms
—our legs into seraphs of snow.
Kat Mortensen©2009 Protected by Copyscape DMCA Takedown Notice Checker

A big thank you to all (and the answer).

A big thanks to all who participated in the first “Shadowstalking” draw to win a copy of the book with matching bookmark.

The winner, as announced below, is Karen Roy who has been informed and is absolutely delighted!

A couple of people reminded me that I had neglected to provide the answer to the skill-testing question. I suppose I didn’t do that because almost everyone had no problem with determining the answer to be: “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” by D.H. Lawrence. I have never read the book, but after Googling to get information on the spelling of Chatterley, I am certainly keen to dig it out of my packed boxes of books and get started! Some of those posters for dramatic productions are pretty steamy! I should have known though, having read “Women in Love” in university. Phew! I had heard about the book having been banned in the 50s here in Canada, but never thought much of it. Quite honestly, the book wouldn’t have made it through the door in the house where I grew up.  My dad would have had it out of there in an instant!
In any event, here are the folks who answered correctly and got their names in the Shadowstalking draw-box:

Eric Alder
Mr. and Mrs. Eejit
Karen Roy
Sandy Lawrence
JoAnne McKay
Blicky Kitty (LM)
Ravynwolfe Moondancer
Bob Scotney
Kay Baughman
Jessica Fox
Sharon Pire
Annie Ha

Thanks to all who took a shot! Try again next time, or take advantage of my 20% off deal by e-mailing or clicking on the Shadowstalking book in the sidebar.


The Winner Is…

Last night I put all the names of the Shadowstalking contest contenders into my little bird-box and shook it up.  Then I asked my husband to reach in and pull out one of the little green post-it notes, which he did.
The winner of a signed copy of my poetry volume and a matching bookmark is … Karen Roy of the gorgeously photographed and written blogs, KaHolly and Down in the Hollow.  It’s rather appropriate that she is the winner, since Karen is a great lover of birds, as I am and my little bird-box would be right up her alley, I suspect.
Karen spends equal time in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, a place that (if you’ve read my ancestry blog, Acadianeire) you’ll know is dear to my heart, and also in the U.S.A. She’s currently stateside somewhere, but I’ve yet to determine exactly where.  I better work it out soon, since I’ll be mailing her prize.
If you signed up for the draw and didn’t win, don’t despair! I’ll be having another one sometime soon, but you can also think about buying a copy of the book to give as a Christmas gift for someone who enjoys poetry, or even someone who doesn’t care for it too much, because my poetry is very accessible and there’s something in my book for everyone! Or, you may just want a copy for yourself. Click on the book-image in my sidebar to visit the Volumes site or e-mail me for a signed copy.
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Well, I’m off to give Karen the good news.
I hope to hear from you soon!

Quick! Get your name in the Box!

There’s still time to enter the “Shadowstalking” draw.

If you’d like to win a copy of the book plus a matching bookmark, e-mail me at with the title of the book that is located to the left of “Shadowstalking” in my header.

Ten clever folks have already sent the correct response to this skill-testing question and their names will be popped into the box in the picture above.  I’ll be drawing the lucky winner’s name this Thursday, November 25 at 11:59 p.m. (well, truthfully, it will be more like 9:59 p.m. because I go to bed early), but the point is, come Friday morning I’ll be announcing the winner.

So, don’t delay! Get your response to me lickity-split and I will add you to the list of contestants.

Good luck!


You could win! (Just in time for Christmas.)

Birds of a Feather …
Already, nine people (see my sidebar) have sent me the answer to the skill-testing question about the title of the book to the left of “Shadowstalking” in my header. They have been entered in the draw to be held on Thursday, and one of these lucky people may be the winner of a copy of my book plus a matching bookmark.
If you’d like a chance to be included in the draw, please read the post below this one and e-mail me at
Time is running out, so be sure to act soon!