Orson Swells



With every peanut that he’s found,
Orson swells.
With seed that’s scattered on the ground,
Orson swells.
He’s rotund as a vat of wine,
His butt’s the biggest in the line.
Each time he dashes in to dine,
Orson swells.

With every snack he snatches up,
Orson swells.
With tidbits tossed from plastic cup,
Orson swells.
Of ravenous rodents waiting for,
The click that signals opening door,
He seems the squirrel who munches more;
Orson swells.

In greedy maw he stuffs them in,
Orson swells.
I swear, he’s got a double chin,
Orson swells.
His ears are short, his tail is long,
His appetite is ever-strong.
I hope you have enjoyed my song,
Orson swells.

Kathleen Mortensen © 2008


Preoccupied – Moving Daze and some photos to share.

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I hate to go on about it (feels like I’ve been bringing this up quite a bit), but it is my life at the moment and I like to keep you all up to date with things.
In case some of you missed the news, our house DID sell and the closing is next Friday. OMG!
I’ve been back and forth from our apartment to the house, packing up the remainder of our possessions – the things that were in the house to give the appearance of being lived in.  I am a collector of stoneware dishes and despite having donated a good portion of them when we first decided to sell, it seems I still have enough crockery to run a small hotel!
In between packing, I throw the last peanuts and pumpkin seeds out for the squirrels who keep coming up to the sliding glass doors and peering in, as if to say,  Where have you been? and have you got any nuts?

I’ve managed to weed out a few more things that I’m willing to relinquish in the name of reducing our stuff, and I’m down to just a few items that will actually be coming here to the apartment.

Tomorrow is a big day.  We are picking up a van in the morning and a friend is going to help us move out the remaining furniture items.  Honestly, we don’t have very much stuff—it’s really just a “one-bedroom apartment” quantity and it shouldn’t be too difficult.  The heaviest of the lot would have to be our buffets and the couch.  Our beds are all slatted Swedish flat-platforms and easily dismantled and moved.  We did sell some pieces, knowing that we will be combining our furniture with some of my mother’s – love seats, leather recliners and a few end-tables and lamps.

What we do have quite a lot of is paintings and pictures – we pick stuff up from time to time in thrift/charity shops and love to literally cover walls in originals and other curiosities we find.  Most of those are being stored at my mom’s or in the 10′ x 10′ unit where all our furniture will remain until next spring when we move to our new house in the country here:

Our hole.  We’re so proud and we visit her every week!

Side-view.  You can see our new neighbour’s house in the background. Look at the big sky!

Long-shot of our hole with forest in background. Wonder what we’ll find this week?

The Mill – Within walking distance.  We have a signed  print of this site by Group of Seven artist, A. J. Casson (purchased at a thrift store for two dollars).

I’m telling you all of this as a bit of a preface to saying that I’m going to be otherwise occupied for the next few days.  I will be popping in from time to time on Facebook, possibly Twitter and I’ll be checking my e-mail.  I’m working on my Poetry Bus poem for Titus the Dog, but don’t know exactly when I’ll be posting it—could be early next week; could be this afternoon.  I’m not sure.
I’ll have to give Sepia Saturday a miss this week.  Last week I managed to post, but didn’t get to visit anyone to reciprocate on comments. Sorry about that – it was a packing weekend and I was also driving the Poetry Bus.
In any event, I’ll be around, here and there.  Oh, and I’ll do my best to get to the Christmas Party at the International Bar in Dublin on Monday night, so all you Poetry Bus Refugees, get down there and boys, give Doris a kiss under the mistletoe, for heaven’s sake!
Please don’t expect any Christmas cards or presents from me; I’ll be lucky if I get our family Christmas sorted!  You may see an e-card in your mailbox if I have your e-mail address or I’ll try and post something festive here, on Keepsakes.
Have a great weekend!

Revamping an old favourite.

Photo by Kat

Rococo Squirrels

Rococo Squirrels are rampant

In my backyard these days,

Their pudgy arms and stocky legs

Betray their greedy ways.

Where once they lightly scampered round

From tree to tree to fence,

These days they lumber heavily

Beneath their girths immense.

Squat showdowns aren’t irregular

When squads storm my porch-floor,

To scrap and scrape for nuts and seeds

I’ve scattered out the door.

At autumn’s end, the Sumos come

To act out their burlesque.

Rococo squirrels are swirling round,

Or are they Rubenesque?

Kat Mortensen © 2007-2009