The Stars on the Other Side of the World

There is a sky
so far from here
where stars like sequins
light up the night and glow—
spangled, blinking
above the seas
that flow.

I want to be there
to stand on a rocky
fearing not,
the abyss below.

Eyes up!
I want to feel
the emerald grass that
lies beneath my feet— and know
the shamrocks
will prevent me
from demise
and Sirius will
guide me
as I go.

Kat Mortensen©2010


Night Voyagers

A night sky can make you feel so small;
it swallows you whole.
Don’t look up!
If you’re out wandering when the sun’s gone down—
you’re going to drown.
When clouds cleave to the atmosphere—
the moon is nearly full, you will feel,
a speck upon the ground.
Stand up straight,
you’ll still be found inside the tide—
the wide dark sea that washes overhead.
Only the owls know their place in the night sky,
that is why we call them wise.

Kat Mortensen©2010

NaPoWriMo – Day 2

What You Are

As a child
the stars held little interest for me,
except to sing of their twinkling.
I didn’t care that they
lit up the sky at night;
(I was born under the sign
of a bright moon.)

As I grew,
I knew that Polaris
was the great North Star
(maybe that’s why I wore
those runners).

Like all around me
I was aware of the Bear—
the Majors and the Minors,
the two big pots
dipping into nocturnal ink.

Then, in my youth,
the myth collapsed—
I learned it was all just gas.

Now I’m older.
We live where the sky amasses itself
like a cloak, when the sun
drops out of sight.
We look up
and embrace the gift
of each gold star’s tiny light.



Old stars die in December,
They just can’t shine anymore;
The days they still remember,
Have fallen to the floor,

Like film-reels that have clattered
From out of cans on shelves.
(No more eyes behind dark shades,
They’re free to be themselves.)

And no more heart-felt accolades,
As they’re wheeled out on the stage,
To legendary screen-clips
From when they were all the rage.

The lights will dim on some bright ones,
And we’ll all shed a tear.
Old stars die in December;
They won’t see another year.

Kat Mortensen©2014