Let Me Tell You Something

A lot of us are liars,
telling tales long past our days
of being out of school.

We’re the quiet town criers
selling our souls
on every street corner.

You may think you know us,
but every word we say could be truth
or fiction.

Anyone who uses—
anyone who chooses
their words so carefully,
should arouse your suspicion.

And when the muse conspires
with us to summon up
some notions we want to disperse
(be it story, tale, or verse),
we must discern
if we even dare trust her.

Just because you follow
us in our addiction—think
you’ve got us sussed,
(maybe I’m the biggest liar—
or worse, someone else entirely).

Kathleen Mortensen © 2017


And that’s the truth … almost.

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I saw this over at Rachel’s blog, “More About the Song” and couldn’t resist testing my followers to see just how well they think they know me.
The list below contains one blatant lie. See if you can pick it out.

Good luck!

1. I love black olives.
2. I do not like camping.
3. I have an older half-sister and a younger adopted one.
4. I love to watch American Football (Go Bills!)
5. I was a radio disc jockey in university
6. I once dated a French Canadian who wore harem pants.
7. I am afraid of heights.
8. I have fished brook trout (dug worms, baited hook, caught, cleaned and cooked them).
9. I despise shopping malls.
10. I have been on the back of a fast-moving Kawaski 750.

Worth Repeating – A Christmassy poem

I wrote this last year, too late to get it published, but this year, two places have agreed to put it in their publications out in western Canada.

So, here’s my “tribute” to Christmas Santas.

Santa Claws
(Tips on how to be a modern-day, store-Santa)

I’ve been a jolly Santa
For thirty years or more
When dealing with the toddlers
I think I know the score.

So when the bosses told me,
I’d have to work with pets,
I thought I’d have no problems–
No struggle, no regrets,

But nothing could prepare me
For what I dealt with then–
Parade of beastly “babies”
Rats, ferrets– Dobermen;

With scratches on my collar
And urine on my coat,
I’ve tried to keep on smiling,
But it really gets my goat!

Some tips they’ve tried to give me:
Hot bottle for the cat,
A squeak-toy for the puppies
And hang on to your hat!

Look out for lips, back-curling,
Or hair that stands on end;
Not every little “darling”
Is really “man’s best friend”,

Do, gently hold the rabbits;
Don’t drop them on their back,
Else they’ll no more be hopping,
And owners will attack.

They’ll try to keep it from you,
But when it’s done, you’ll stink!
So, don’t tell anybody–
Go pour yourself a drink!

Kathleen Mortensen © 2007