River of Stones: Day Six

This moving thing is really taking its toll on our sleep.  Last night, Kev was up until after 1:00 a.m. and as a result, I was tossing and turning all night.  I suppose my brain was taken up somewhat with the ancestry research I’ve been doing—poring over endless names, dates and details in the 1901 and 1911 Census documents for all of Ireland.  I had Margarets and Williams and Josephs flying around in there like the people in Dorothy’s hourglass-dream when she’s in the clutches of the Wicked Witch of the West. (Stay tuned to my Acadianeire blog for developments.)
In an effort to give Kevin a bit more time in bed this morning before he had to get up and going, I got up at 4:45 to feed the cats, clean the Bodum glass coffee pot and change the water bowls and ended up staying up.  I’ve been up ever since.
So forgive me if I haven’t even revealed the windows to the outside world.

~ vertical blinds, billow above the heating vent—weepy will0w-branches on a cool spring day.
~ the two-tone feline finds the duvet; leaves a dead-skunk impression
~dark nuggets in the wood-pellet litter-box—too hefty for sifting and shifting (at the moment)
~scalding hot, strong tea revives taste buds and brain cells

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Sock it to me! NNOSE (see below for details)

If you remember the expression in the title from “Laugh-In” then you’re old enough to appreciate the following:
NNOSE (News From Nowhere’s Orphaned Sock Exchange) is the latest brain-child of the delightfully witty and erudite, Alan Burnett.   It all started HERE and it’s going to be huge (we think).
In a later post, after bewailing the absconding of a multitude of his own socks by his son, Alan spoke not of those mysterious socks we all lose, but of their sad and lonely counterparts left behind to mourn the loss.
So today, I am jumping on this wooly (or synthetic-made-in-China-bought-at-the-dollar-store) adventure and sharing my first left-behind sock.  If I’m honest, there was a reunion in this case because the “missing” sock in question had never actually made it into the wash in the first place and the orphan was really the lucky one that got cleaned up courtesy of my mom’s laundry facilities.
My husband has socks in two colours: black or white.  He has sport socks and dress socks in black or white.  I, on the other hand am mad for coloured socks and typically, go around my living quarters looking a bit like an escapee from Barnum and Bailey’s Circus.  Don’t tell anyone; that will be our little secret.  Let’s not even get into my pajamas! *Please note: I misspoke with regard to my husband’s white “dress” socks. He does NOT own white dress socks. (He wanted me to clarify that.)
I invite you, on behalf of Alan Burnett and sock-lovers everywhere (Willow, I know that means you!) to join in and save our socks!  Post a picture of one of your poor, dejected orphans and let’s see if we can’t reunite some pairs to their former co-operative glory!  Who knows, maybe Oprah will take an interest and put us on her show, so we can sit and recount that moment when we brought our friends back together.  Maybe, she’ll even track our friends down unbeknownst to us and we’ll be surprised with a tear-inducing reunion.

SOCK ON, People!

Bath or Shower: A Rebuttal in Verse

shower 004

Photo by Kat (A pitiful showerhead, but it’s a water-saver!)

Stall or Tub? There’s The Rub.


A bath is nice if soaking’s what you’re craving;

The full-up tub’s a treat when you’ve been slaving,

But when your head is foggy,

And you’d rather not get soggy,

Then a shower is the thing that’s vigour-saving.


Nought can compare to water on your head

It can restore you though you’re nearly dead;

If you’re wanting to be snoozing,

It’s a bath you should be choozing,

But a day ahead demands a shower instead.


It’s not a subject up for much debate;

Both sides have points to which I can relate,

But when it comes down to it,

I’ll take a nice conduit,

Running down my back and thwacking on my pate.


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Note: This poem was inspired by my friend Willow’s original poem and post. Please visit Willow Manor for the other side of the story.

Our Dorian Gray


A fun post over at Willow Manor yesterday, reminded me of this poem I wrote a while back. It’s kind of creepy and good for a Saturday read.

Little Boy Lost

Down in the basement

High up on a shelf

Sits mysterious picture–

No pixie or elf.

Who is this figure

From so long ago,

In jacket and tie

With flames all aglow?

Smiles not, this small fry;

The eyes reveal naught;

His meticulous posture

The artisan caught.

Who is this youngster

On canvas, in oil,

Sends chills up my spine,

My dreams sure to spoil?

Try not to ponder

The image downstairs,

Tucked away in the backroom

To stop raising hairs.

Each time I recall

It rests under our roof,

Belief in Beelzebub

Seems to have proof.

Why do we hold on

To our Dorian Gray

That lurks in its chamber;

Why let the ghoul stay?

It’s not just a painting;

We haven’t gone mad!

It’s actually my husband–

When he was a lad.

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Movie Roles that Rocked


As always, Willow of Willow Manor comes up with some of the best memes around.  She is well aware of my weakness for anything to do with film and so it should come as no surprise that I found it impossible to resist her invitation to “pinch” this one that was originally at All I Need is  Everything.

The task was to list your “Ten Favourite Movie Characters”.  I took my cue from Willow and did a dozen.  I will save some for another post since this proved to be excellent good fun. I also followed Willow’s example and added some fitting quotes to give you an idea why these characters are so memorable. 

Feel free to post your own worthy selection.

Ladies and Gentlemen, herewith,  I present my choices:


Withnail – Richard E. Grant  (Withnail & I)


“We’ve gone on holiday by mistake.”


Tevye – Topol (Fiddler on the Roof)


“Well, for a woman who has been dead for thirty years she looked very good.”


Maximus – Russell Crowe (Gladiator)


“At my signal, unleash hell.”


King Mongkut of Siam – Yul Brynner (The King and I)


“But…Is a puzzlement!”


Colonel  Nicholson – Sir Alec Guinness (Bridge on the River Kwai)


“I suppose if I were you… I’d have to kill myself.”


Frank – Henry Fonda  (Once Upon a Time in the West)


“People scare better when they’re dying.”


Cecil Vyse – Daniel Day Lewis (A Room With a View)


“You must forgive me if I say stupid things. My brain has gone to pieces.”


Gigi – Leslie Caron (Gigi)


“With all the talk there is about you, Gaston, I’ve never heard it said you had any taste in clothes.”


Eliza Doolittle – Audrey Hepburn (My Fair Lady)


“Come on, Dover, move yer bloomin’ arse!”


Charlotte Bartlett – Maggie Smith ( A Room With a View)


“We all have our little foibles, and mine is the prompt settling of accounts.”


Margo Channing – Bette Davis (All About Eve)


“I’ll admit I may have seen better days, but I’m still not to be had for the price of a cocktail, like a salted peanut.”


Vivian Rutledge – Lauren Bacall  (The Big Sleep)


“So you do get up, I was beginning to think you worked in bed like Marcel Proust.”

I Can’t Forget

Just before New Year’s Eve, Museswings kindly included me in a list of recipients of the “Best Blog 2008” award. I feel honoured to have been represented amongst such a worthy group, but whereas she chose to designate the award to a rather large group, I feel compelled to single out but a few. I would give this right back to Cynthia, but she already has one and I’m sure others will pass it to her as well, so she doesn’t need it from me.

Now, I know that most of the other writers with whom I associate in the blog-world, will not be inclined to flaunt an award such as this, so I won’t even try to give it to them. They know who they are and they should know to whom I would give it.

So, instead, I will focus on those blogs that have an eclecticism to which I am consistently drawn, to fill me up with information and wisdom I have heretofore not come across, humour that makes me snort, snicker, chuckle, choke, guffaw or gasp with laughter; photographs and artwork that evoke emotions of all kinds; recipes, gadgets, videos, music, quotations – all meant to entertain and enlighten.

There are so many blogs that are worthy of this award. So many folks are putting out quality stuff and it’s hard to narrow them all down, but I must acknowledge 3 in particular:

They are:

Blicky Kitty
I discovered Blicky Kitty rather late in the year, but Blicky has consistently educated me and made me giggle with delight every time. Each visit I can look forward to a lesson and a good laugh. Blicky is one smart kitty!

Life at Willow Manor
Willow rightfully became a “Blog of Note” recently and now has a flock of followers, but she never loses her ability to make every single person feel right at home at Willow Manor. She is the perfect hostess.

Linda and her Twaddle
Linda’s view on life (from Down Under) is funny, family-oriented and frequently surprising. She is not just a fellow-blogger, but a thoughtful friend as well.

Those are my picks. Check them out for yourself and see why I can’t stay away from these fantastic blogs.

Honourable Mention goes to:

Birdbath Chronicles

A Little Birdie Told Me So
Life Just Keeps Getting Weirder

Willow extends her branches…

My latest favourite blog (and it’s so difficult to choose, because there are so many of you – see my sidebar if you don’t believe me), is Life at Willow Manor.
I mean, just the title is enough to draw you in, conjuring images of English estates or thatched cottages, surrounded by long gardens overgrown with roses and wildflowers. Who wouldn’t want to visit?
The real delight though, is what “Willow” serves up – a variety of keenly discerned food for the intelligent mind. It is entertaining, thought-provoking and great fun all at the same time.

Now, amazingly, Willow seems to like this old patch as well and has seen fit to give me the Arte de Pico award (left) for creativity, design and interesting material. I am as always, grateful for such recognition and happily showcase it for your viewing pleasure.

I must pass the torch, as they say, and so, here are the rules and you’ll find my list of recipients at the bottom:

1) Choose five blogs that you consider deserving of this award
for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also
contribution to the blogging community, no matter what language.

2) Post the name of the author and link to each award winning blog.

3) Each award winner posts the award and the name and link to the
blog of the award presenter.

4) The award winner and one who has given the prize should post
the link of “Arte y Pico” blog, the origin to this award.

1)Linda and her Surroundings 2)Loose Leaf Notes
3)Keep the Coffee Coming 4) Mizmell
5)Smoke and Mirrors (coincidentally, already has one of these, but I just want you to check him out!)
5b) Ken Armstrong Writing Stuff (hope he doesn’t mind playing “second fiddle”)