It was your day.
We went for a stroll
to while the time away—
just like you, to keep it simple.

The sun was glaring at us
and we’d left our shades at home,
still, we roamed along
the new cement that lines the road—
listening to a jay’s shrill cries,
as if to say, happy birthday.

I was keen to fool around,
running across the road to the
green playground,
where old-time swings
hang waiting to sway.
The seat was soaked,
from the night’s rain.
I wiped my sleeve back and forth
in the pool of water;
you whipped out a tissue
to mop up the rest.

It’s your day, you first! I laughed.
You were quick to settle in
to the rubber sling, your feet
rising from the sand.

I pushed the small of your back
with splayed hands,
and felt like a kid again,
waiting for a turn
to be the one having all the fun.

Up you rose, higher and higher,
flying back into your childhood memories,
where I don’t belong.

Those strong chains,
held on and I let you go,
pumping those legs like a little boy
with grass-stained knees,
rising up to the trees and sky beyond.

“Don’t jump off”, I warned.
You dragged your toes,
until the swing came to a halt,
and stepped away,
a fifty-four year old married man again.

Then, I grabbed the iron chains,
lifting my seat
into the black, rubber swing.
You stood and gave a good shove;
I drifted high into a dream of
hazy days when

it was my daddy
behind me.

Slowing down, I looked over
at the plastic slide
on the other side of the park,
recalling the singe of metal
on the backs of thighs
and felt the sting
of time.

Kathleen Mortensen ©2016


The Old Man and the Settee

Our boy, Gilbert. will be 20 years old on Monday, August 5th.
His favourite spot is on the love seat in our family room – under a tented blanket 
with lots of pillows and a fleecy throw underneath.
Spotting the rare Black Capybara leaving its den!

Available to Let: A Charming Abode for a Toad

I bought this for myself, for my birthday today.

Lazarus is welcome to take over this little home.  It is frog/toad season. We are finding tons of very tiny amphibious creatures in the garage, on the driveway, and by the downspouts.  We haven’t seen them since the first year we lived here, and that year they showed up very early in the spring. June seems an odd time for them to appear.
It’s hot and humid here right now, and we are having to hand-water regularly to keep the new plants in good shape.  We are hoping for rain; it can’t come soon enough!

I have just the place for you!

Introducing: Kat’s Monitor – A Weekly Visit With Kat Mortensen

What’s Outside?  A pair of ducks in the “pond” out back, a gorgeous sunrise of vibrant blues and oranges, the water is drying up and the weather is supposed to be 18 degrees celsius today, but snow is on the horizon yet again!

What’s in my head?  I haven’t done a Sepia Saturday post in forever and I’ve got something planned that ties in with a fantastic, new family photo that an Irish second-cousin has provided.  A poem is simmering.

What am I grateful for? Everything!  Being able to walk out my front door into a beautiful landscape (as opposed to a long, bleak apartment hallway).

What’s cooking?  I made pancakes for my mom for breakfast; it’s her birthday today!  Happy Birthday, Betty!

What’s my “get-up”? Still in my pale-blue, sheepy-housecoat and Scottie-dog pajamas! Oh, and I’ve got the obligatory Grinch-socks on too!

What’s on the monitor? Ancestry.ca – there’s a whole load of new data available for Canadian research. Yay!  I met a genealogist in the library in the nearby town of Fergus yesterday and I’ll be going to my first off-line genealogy meeting, come May. 

Where am I off to? Nowhere today, but back to Kitchener tomorrow for mom’s eye-exam and to vacuum the apartment we just left, but of which we still technically have possession until April’s end.
Although, I’m very keen to chop my hair – it’s driving me batty lately and I always like to change my look when I change my environment. Besides, I think better without hair in my eyes. So far, I’ve managed to ignore the Wiltshire scissors in the drawer, but it’s not easy!

What’s in my library? Would you believe I have not progressed with “The Colony of Unrequited Dreams”?  I can barely remember where I left off!  Unpacking all of my books has me anxious to read something else, but I’ll feel kind of guilty if I leave a trail of unread novels in my wake.

What am I wishing for? A warm day, so I can go for a long stroll with my camera in hand.

What’s that noise? That thud? That’s Harry, the cat jumping down from his new “aerie” atop the armoire in Mom’s room.  It’s a new piece of furniture and Harry is loving his own “loft-space”.

What’s happening here? Still wondering what to do about a birthday dinner and a cake.  I have the cake ingredients, but no icing sugar to make frosting – and no candles! (Just as well, 82 would never fit on the cake.)

Gotta love this!  I’m almost done with the unpacking.  Trouble is, when you unpack the boxes, the crap in them has to find a place, doesn’t it?  That’s why one of the office tables is littered with junk and going nowhere at the moment.

What’s up this week? Looking forward to the first weekend we do NOT have to drive back to the town we just left.  Kev will be putting his feet up on Saturday to enjoy his EPL football matches and we’ll go on our second expedition to find the perfect pint.

Last Friday night we were here:  Fergusson Room

Today’s ear-worm: “Walk This Way” by Aerosmith. Yee Gawds!

‘Til next time!

Happy Birthday, Mr. President…(I’m not Marilyn Monroe)



HAU’OLI LA HANAU! (Happy Birthday)


Happy Birthday to President Barack;

It’s “PC” when I mention he’s black,

Since he’s manning the States,

Hasn’t  lost many mates,

And his catch phrase is, “I love you back!’”


Happy Birthday to Barack Obama;

A mention must go to his mama;

It’s she who once had him;

He sure ain’t no Saddam—

More akin to the good Dalai Lama!


Happy Birthday Barack’s on the stage,

To signal a turn of  the page.

To snipe that he’s older,

Would not only be bold, er—

“Pot-kettle”, since I’m the same age!


Happy B-day, Yobama, this year,

Hope the spill in the Gulf becomes clear;

All the troops can pull out,

Health care’s free of all doubt,

And you get through without changing gear!


Kat Mortensen©2010 Protected by Copyscape DMCA Takedown Notice Checker

Please visit my wonderful poet-friends at ONE-stop Poetry and check out the great poems on offer for One Shot Wednesday.

Don’t make a fuss, please!


Should I tell ?
(I deliberated about that.)
Oh, I’m sure
you’ll say the usual
and I’ll be ever-so,
you know.
It’s no biggie, really.
Not THE BIG ONE, yet.
Just an innocuous
in-between number
getting close, though.
Can’t deny, this time
it’s rather preying
on my mind.
I’m going to a do
in July
for two people
are on the hill-crest —
nowhere to go,
So, I don’t feel
too bad,
Now that I think
about it.
I’m fine about
Really. I am.

Kathleen Mortensen©2009 Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape

Maple Leaf Forever!

That’s my City Hall in the background!
(Photo borrowed from Flickr)

I know you’re all just waiting with bated breath for the next installment of The Soul Mate and I do apologize for the delay, but a few things have conspired to keep me from the task of editing and posting it.

It’s Canada Day here, in my neck of the woods. Woo hoo! Yeah, Canada! As a result, this weekend has been more busy than I had anticipated.

Also, I’m pleased to report that someone has commissioned me to write a Wedding Poem for them and I’ve been putting together a questionnaire to elicit information for the task. I’m also pleased to say that one of my fellow-bloggers has asked me to write a poem for her son’s birthday, which I am more than happy to do.

The other thing that is eating up my time at the minute, is the planning and execution of a little party to celebrate my parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary coming up on August 9.

Bottom Line: I will have the Soul Mate, Chapter Four up as soon as I can.

In the meantime, I’ll throw whatever goodies I can into the mix to keep you all entertained. (A poem may even spring to light, who knows?)

As ever, thanks for your dedicated presence here at Poetikat’s and if it’s your first time, please introduce yourself and make sure you come back.