Please be advised …

Please be advised that “Poetikat” is no more.
It was time for her to go to bed.

This blog is now comprised of current imaginings
and the chaos of the past ten years.

Dig deep enough
in the archives,
and you will find her

the person I used to be
when my home was somewhere else,
my father lived, my mom lived with him (not me)
and four of my now-dead cats made our lives

Please be advised
that in these pages, some photographs
have been lost.

Inside, you might find,
a recipe, an ancestor, a piece of poetry
or a movie review. Or maybe a photo of my garden.

It is time to pull things together,
but not time to let go, entirely.

Please be advised, that things change
and so have I.

Kathleen Mortensen © 2017

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Original Poetry Sunday: Entry #2

cheats Photo courtesy of Flickr

Thoughts While Lying in Bed on a Saturday Morning.

One day all this will have changed.

No more Daisy-cat

atop my head,

as I dream and drowse

here, on the bed.

The lass ‘cross the street,

turns Three today.

She’ll be all grown up–

and gone away.

The Eighty-six year,

gent, next-door,

won’t be weeding

his garden anymore.

No one up the road–

no voice on the line

none left to hear

no mother, mine.

Just you and I

in our quiet ways

playing music

of younger days

We’ll have put on

some weight–

lost some hair.

It won’t be great,

but I doubt we’ll care.

We’ll share our jokes

and tell tales, strange–

cheat time together,

though the world will change.

Kathleen Mortensen©2009

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